Earn Diamonds in 2048 Cube Winner

I always want to obtain exclusive skins, items, and weapons from my favorite mobile game but they always end up being very expensive. This time, I can finally have these rewards for free by playing a game called 2048 Cube Winner.


2048 Cube Winner is a simple puzzle game that lets me collect gold coins and diamonds. I can then exchange these resources for the skins and other items that I want from other mobile games.

Yes, I can get these amazing rewards for another game by simply playing 2048 Cube Winner. Learn more about how to play the game, how to earn diamonds, and how you can get these exclusive rewards with my guide below.

  • Set Some Cubes Aside and Wait for the Perfect Opportunity
  • Collect Gold Coins by Landing Cubes
  • Choose Other Mobile Games to Claim Free Diamonds
  • Complete Missions as Fast as Possible
  • Use Gold Coins to Unlock Other Rewards
Earn Diamonds in 2048 Cube Winner
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Set Some Cubes Aside and Wait for the Perfect Opportunity

The main objective of playing 2048 Cube Winner is to aim and hit the cubes of the same number to clear them from the table. However, this is not an easy task since there are instances that there are no cubes that are similar to the ones that you have on hand. 

Earn Diamonds in 2048 Cube Winner
Image Source: Malavida

I usually set aside the cube for a while and move on to the next to see which ones are exposed. 

For example, if I have the 16 cube and there's no similar cube in sight, I place it in a certain corner away but leave a little bit of space in between the other cubes. 

When the 16 cube does come out, I just aim at the cube that I set aside to clear it from the table.

Watch Where the Cubes Bounce

The numbers on both cubes change when they are matched with each other. Both cubes add together and become a whole new cube with a new number. When this happens, the cube bounces around until it lands in an empty area. 

Remember when I mentioned above that you need to set aside certain cubes on the side? When these cubes bounce around before they land, they can sometimes hit another cube of the same number which adds to your score. 

Watch where the cubes bounce on the table because it may automatically clear another cube. If it lands on another cube after bouncing from one, it continues a domino effect which helps you earn even more gold coins.

Collect Gold Coins by Landing Cubes

Gold coins are the game's currency that can ve used to purchase different items and unlock certain features in 2048 Cube Winner. These gold coins are commonly found on the screen floating around. 

Earn Diamonds in 2048 Cube Winner
Image Source: Google Play Store

One of the most common ways to collect them is to land a cube right on top of them. Another good way to collect gold coins is to combine matching cubes with each other. 

Setting off a chain reaction doubles and sometimes, even triples the number of gold coins that I can collect. This may not happen every time but try to land cubes on top of the floating gold coins to collect them as well.

Don't worry too much about creating a chain reaction just yet. You'll master it later on once you get to know the basics of the game.

Hit Other Cubes to Move Them Around

Sometimes, it can be difficult to merge two cubes based on their numbers. When this happens, I usually do is try to hit break other clusters of cubes apart by hitting them. 

Hitting cubes with one another moves them around which can loosen up some of the cubes at the back of the pile. It can be a good strategy to move the cubes around and change the pile a bit. 

This opens up a slew of opportunities for me to get rid of the cubes that are at the back of the pile. Usually, most of the cubes found at the back are higher numbers which can help me complete the mission.

Choose Other Mobile Games to Claim Free Diamonds

When I first started playing 2048 Cube Winner, the game asked me if I was playing other mobile games. I chose two of the mobile games that I was also playing at the time and the game rewarded me with 3,000 free diamonds

Earn Diamonds in 2048 Cube Winner
Image Source: Play Store Games

Now every game that I play gives me free diamonds that add up every time I score. Another great way to earn diamonds in this game is to simply play the game. 

Every new cube that I unlock rewards me with diamonds and every cube that I merge early on also provides me with a good amount of diamonds to collect. 

All in all, select the mobile game that you're currently playing and play 2048 Cube Winner to collect diamonds to supply rewards to your other mobile games.

Get More Diamonds by Watching Ads

Aside from playing the game, I also discovered another way to earn free diamonds in 2048 Cube Winner. One of the options I found might be a little bit controversial since it involves watching ads. 

Yes, you read that right. You'll need to watch some ads to get free diamonds. However, you can sometimes multiply the current diamonds that you own based on the ad that you watch. 

Don't worry too much about watching ads. It will only take 30 seconds so take this time to either go to the bathroom or take a break then come back and collect the diamonds you've earned from watching the ad.

Complete Missions as Fast as Possible

Apart from getting the 2048 cube, the game also features missions that are found at the top portion of the screen. You'll see a meter with certain cubes as checkpoints. 

Earn Diamonds in 2048 Cube Winner
Image Source: Google Play Store

These cubes are the objectives to unlock the checkpoint and finish the mission. Hitting the type of cubes that are featured on that meter will give me more gold coins. 

Completing the mission will reward me with diamonds at the end of each level. So be sure to aim to finish them as soon as possible. 

It's going to be difficult at first but as soon as you develop a strategy to hit the back of the pile, you'll be able to complete these missions much easier.

Earn Rewards for Free Through Playing 2048 Cube Winner

You might be asking why you need to earn diamonds in this game? Diamonds are the premium currency used to purchase freebies from the other mobile games that you've chosen at the start of the game. 

This is the reason I was asked to choose three other mobile games apart from 2048 Cube Winner. The diamonds and gold coins that I have collected from the game are used to unlock certain freebies from other mobile games that include prestigious skins, exclusive weapons, and rare items. 

If you're looking for an alternative method for getting exclusive items from other games for free, play 2048 Cube Winner. Make sure to play as often as possible to earn a lot of diamonds and gold coins.

Use Gold Coins to Unlock Other Rewards

Gold coins are far easier to earn than diamonds when playing 2048 Cube Winner. Many times, gold coins are floating around the screen, and playing a single game will instantly get me around a hundred coins. 

Earn Diamonds in 2048 Cube Winner
Image Source: Google Play Store

I also noticed that there are also items on the redemption page that uses gold coins to unlock certain rewards. While gold coins are much easier to obtain, the requirements to unlock these rewards are also quite high. Therefore I'm forced to play a lot more games to get the rewards that I need. 

Nonetheless, in no time, you'll be able to get the rewards that you want from playing 2048 Cube Winner. You can unlock those exclusive freebies once you've reached the necessary amount of gold needed to apply for them.

Downloading 2048 Cube Winner

Now that you have an idea of how to play the game and how to earn diamonds and gold coins to unlock rewards, it's time to learn where you can download this amazing mobile game for free. 

2048 Cube Winner is available on mobile devices through the Google Play Store for Android devices. To download, search the title of the game and tap Install. 

Wait until the game is fully downloaded and installed before tapping Open to launch the app. Remember to choose which mobile games you want to link to the game wisely since there's no option to revert your decision.


Now that you've learned how to earn diamonds and gold coins in 2048 Cube Winner, it's time to put it to the real test.

 Follow the tips and tricks mentioned in this guide and you'll have a better experience playing and earning diamonds in the game. Good luck and have fun playing!