Empire Warriors - See How to Get Gems

If you're searching for a mobile game that utilizes great strategy to claim victory, I bet you'd like Empire Warriors. Join millions of players around the world in an endless war to achieve glory in this high fantasy tower defense game.


Empire Warriors is an tower defense game where I build a plethora of towers to protect my kingdom against invading enemies. Heroes can also be recruited to help me fight against the invaders. I can also use magic spells, runes, and upgrades.

Developed by ZITGA, Empire Warriors will require different strategies to earn a sweet victory. Learn more about the game, how to download, where to get gems, and a lot more with my guide below.

  • Learn the Four Main Towers in Empire Warriors
  • Strategic Placement of Towers
  • Choose from 11 Different Heroes
  • It Pays to Know Who the Enemies Are
  • Use Spells to Create an Advantage During Battle
  • Join the Infinite Challenge
Empire Warriors - See How to Get Gems
Image Source: Luân Lúc Lắc / YouTube

Learn the Four Main Towers in Empire Warriors

Empire Warriors is all about building towers strategically to prevent incoming enemies from invading my kingdom. With that, I highly recommend that players learn the four main towers used in the game. 

These are the Fighter, Archer, Mage, and Golem. Fighter towers are strong in the early levels as they release guards to defend the area around them. 

Mage towers are the primary source of damage. Archer towers don't do as much damage as the Mage ones but they consistently provide good damage against certain enemies. 

Lastly, the Golem towers provide utility especially when they are upgraded.

Upgrading Your Towers

Speaking of upgrading towers, doing so unlocks more features. Fighter towers can be upgraded to Paladin and Assassin towers which makes them even more formidable. Mage towers can upgrade to Fire which deals more damage or Arcane which teleports enemies away from the area.

Archer towers are upgraded into Sun towers which gives buffs to adjacent towers or Night towers which cause enemies to fall asleep for a certain time. Golem towers are upgraded into Forest Giant which provides consistent damage while the Frost Giant slows down enemies in a large area. 

It is very important to remember that upgrading towers should be based on the current flow of the game. If you want to slow down the pace of the game, Night towers and Frost Giant towers are great options.

Strategic Placement of Towers

Empire Warriors is all about building your towers in strategic places. Most players tend to place their damage towers at the front. This is a common strategy to immediately take down enemies at the start. However, it is not a good strategy to use later on. 

Empire Warriors - See How to Get Gems
Image Source: Luân Lúc Lắc / YouTube

The game gets progressively difficult by introducing different types of enemies. While it is good to have offensive towers early on, utility is king in the later stages. 

Place towers like the Frost Giant or Night towers at the front and place high damaged towers in between them. This slows down the incoming horde of enemies while the damage towers take them out. 

I always try to place different towers near each other especially if they synergize well with each other.

Learn to Spot a Choke Point

There will be times in the game when I have to deal with enemies in different areas at the same time. Many players don't know how to handle these situations. Thankfully, I have a strategy to help you survive the incoming onslaught. 

Look for a choke point in the game where the enemies funnel together and place high damage towers in that area. A choke point is an area where all the paths on the map intersect and all the enemies are bound to go through that route to get to your kingdom. 

This is a great opportunity to eliminate incoming enemies all at once. Place a good amount of defense and offense towers near your kingdom in case some stragglers escape the choke point.

Choose from 11 Different Heroes

Heroes are used in Empire Warriors to help defend my kingdom from incoming invaders. There are 11 different Heroes to choose from and each has its own powers in battle. 

Empire Warriors - See How to Get Gems
Image Source: Malavida

While many of these Heroes are quite good, there are two that are worth grinding for at the early stages of the game. Aaerendel and Miria are two of the best Heroes to acquire early on. 

Their range attacks are very helpful in defending your kingdom and preventing the enemies from even reaching the endpoint. They are also quite cheap and are very efficient at almost every stage of the game. 

It is best to keep on grinding for Crystals if you don't have Gems at this point.

Learn About New Heroes Through Heroes Trial to Get Gems

With 11 different kinds of Heroes to choose from, it can be very difficult to learn what each Hero can do. Fortunately, the game has a game mode called Heroes Trial which allows me to try and play a certain Hero once a day. 

This game mode is played on a fixed level as its main objective is to simply allow me to understand what the Hero is all about and how to use it. 

Players who can clear the level receive bonus gems. So if you want to get some free gems, go ahead and take on the Heroes Trial. 

It Pays to Know Who the Enemies Are

With over 120+ levels and maps, the game features different kinds of enemies and most of them have specific skills. It is helpful to learn what you're dealing with by understanding your enemy. 

Empire Warriors - See How to Get Gems
Image Source: Apps to Play

A box will appear at the left corner of the screen every time I meet a new type of enemy in the game. I take advantage of this by reading the details on how to deal with such an enemy. 

The game provides good information on the strengths and weaknesses of each enemy so I can strategize and prepare my defenses against them. 

If you notice that your attacks are not slowing down or killing the enemies, I suggest you check out the enemy details to see if they're immune to certain attacks.

Use Spells to Create an Advantage During Battle

Players can also use spells in the game. Different spells have different effects in the game. Healing spells help restore health points on my towers while devastating spells like Meteor spells deal damage. 

Some spells provide utility in the game and are very underrated. One of which is the Cold spell that slows down the enemy within an area. This is very useful especially when I'm dealing with a large number of enemies marching towards my kingdom. 

Another great spell that I like to use is the Guardian spell. It summons a large Guardian that tramples all incoming enemies in its path. I only use this whenever enemies are about to get to my kingdom. 

Grinding for Crystals

Grinding is playing the game over and over to earn Crystals and experience. Crystals are the in-game currency used in many aspects of the game. 

Empire Warriors - See How to Get Gems
Image Source: APK Support

I often find myself looking for better ways to get Crystals in the game but the only way to do this is to play. 

Grinding for Crystals is important as it is required to upgrade the armor, attack, and health runes on my Heroes. 

Crystals are easier to acquire than Gems. Keep on replaying different levels in the game to earn more Crystals.

Upgrade the Crystal Mine

Another great way to earn Crystals in the game is through the Crystal Mine. The Crystal Mine produces at least one Crystal per hour and can hold up to ten for a certain time. I recommend checking the Crystal Mine regularly and gathering as many Crystals as you can. 

While it does take a lot of time to produce Crystals, I save as many Gems as possible to upgrade the Crystal Mine so that it produces more Crystals. Save at least 200 Gems and upgrade the Crystal Mine. 

Once it reaches level 2, it will produce two Crystals per hour and increase the threshold that I can hold to 25.

Join the Infinite Challenge

Check out the Infinite Challenge and see how you fare against other players in this highly competitive game mode

Empire Warriors - See How to Get Gems
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In Infinite Challenge, I try to defend my kingdom for as long as I can. The player who defends their kingdom for the longest time possible earns the highest spot on the leaderboards. 

If you want to test your skill in the game and get to earn rewards, I highly recommend joining the Infinite Challenge.

Downloading Empire Warriors

Empire Warriors is now available on mobile devices including Android and iOS. Download the game via the Google Play Store and the App Store

The mobile game can be played both online and offline.


I always have a lot of fun when playing Empire Warriors. Each stage of the game is different from the next and requires a lot of strategy and proper tower placement to defeat the enemies and save my kingdom.

 I hope the tips above help improve how you play the game.