Stacky Dash - How to Get Coins

I've been searching for a very casual mobile game to play while I'm killing time. Fortunately, I've come across Stacky Dash - a mobile puzzle game that has captured my interest with its fun and unique gameplay.


In Stacky Dash, players guide a character across the map to get to the end using tiles, which is more challenging than it seems. You earn rewards once you get to the end, but there's actually more to the game than just collecting rewards.

Find out how Stacky Dash is played on mobile, where you can download the game, learn some tips and tricks to get better, discover how to get coins, and more in my guide below.

  • More than Just Collecting Tiles
  • Tips to Get Better at Playing Stacky Dash
  • Play the Bonus Round Whenever Possible
  • Watch More Ads and Collect More Coins
  • Keep Your Eyes Open for Portals
Stacky Dash - How to Get Coins
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More than Just Collecting Tiles

Stacky Dash is a casual puzzle mobile game developed by Born2Play and released by SuperSonic Studios. The game revolves around players trying to reach the treasure chest found at the end of each level. 

To get there, players must stack as many tiles as possible to lead their character to the end along a path. The path will differ from one level to another, and as I progress in the game, obstacles are introduced to make the game more challenging. 

Tiles are acquired by grabbing them as I go through the pathway. To move, players will need to swipe left and right or up and down. When players reach a wall, they can shift to another path and continue to build the tiles to lead them to the end of the level. 

While it is easy at first, it can be very difficult after a few levels based on my experience.

Where to Download Stacky Dash

Stacky Dash is available on Android and iOS mobile devices. Android users can download the game through the Google Play Store, while iOS users can access the game through the App Store

To download, search for the title of the game on your phone's app store and tap “Install” or “Get”. Let the game fully download and install. To launch, tap “Open,” and the game will start. 

Be reminded the game offers in-app purchases, so if you plan on supporting by purchasing in-game items, you may have to set up a payment option beforehand.

Tips to Get Better at Playing Stacky Dash

In my experience, Stacky Dash starts out easy, but after a few levels, obstacles were introduced, increasing the game's difficulty and making it more challenging

Stacky Dash - How to Get Coins
Image Source: Kids Monster / YouTube

The ultimate goal is to reach the end of each level to grab the treasure chest while also collecting tiles and coins along the way. 

The treasure chest will increase my score at least five times which would also increase the number of coins that I get after each level

Completing each level can be very challenging since I don't know the obstacles within each level. However, here are some ways for you to prepare yourself for the incoming challenges when playing Stacky Dash.

Never Miss a Tile

Probably the most important tip that you'll get from this guide is to always collect every tile that you come across. Playing Stacking Dash is all about getting to the end, and you won't be able to get to the end if you're missing a few tiles. 

Even if you miss a single tile, you'll find yourself having trouble getting to the end. You also won't be able to get the highest possible score if you can't get the treasure chest. In case you miss a tile, you can always figure out where you might have missed the tile and go back. 

There's no time limit when playing Stacky Dash, so you can play as many times as you want. Go ahead and take your time in collecting all the tiles and get to the end without any hitches.

Play the Bonus Round Whenever Possible

I highly urge you to play the bonus level after playing a few rounds of Stacky Dash. 

Stacky Dash - How to Get Coins
Image Source: Google Play Store

You'll be introduced to the bonus level with a notification. However, you'll have to watch an ad before you gain access to the bonus round. 

Take advantage of the bonus round, as it is a great way to earn more coins. There are no tiles to be collected when you play the bonus round. Instead, you only have to collect coins. 

Whenever you are notified that a bonus round is available, never hesitate to play it, so you get to earn more coins and spend them at the in-game store.

Look Out for Bounce Markers

The early levels in Stacky Dash were an easy experience, but things became challenging when the game introduced a mechanic that would change the direction of the path. This was indicated with a bounce marker

If you move near a bounce marker, your character will be forced to move in that direction and will redirect you from the goal. This will take a lot of your time, so always be careful when you play the levels that have this mechanic. 

One good way to avoid getting redirected from these bounce markers is to pay close attention to them. Bounce markers are highlighted with a triangle that will bounce your character towards that direction. Avoid them at all costs so you'll stay on your path.

Watch More Ads and Collect More Coins

Coins are the basic currency used in the game. They are usually found along the way as you collect tiles to progress in each level. 

Stacky Dash - How to Get Coins
Image Source: APK Pure

You'll also get even more coins when you reach the end of each level and grab the treasure chest. 

The bonus round mentioned above is another great way to earn more coins but what many players don't know is that there is another way to get even more coins. There's an option to watch an ad at the home screen and even after each level. 

I've seen this option a couple of times and tried to tap it once and figured out that this was an option for players to receive more coins. Players will have to watch the entire ad and get the reward after.

Check Out the In-Game Store

You may wonder why I keep telling you to collect coins whenever you get the chance. The reason behind that is that coins are essential if you want to have a more personalized experience while playing Stacky Dash. 

Coins are spent through the in-game store, where different cosmetic items such as skins are available for purchase. Players can use coins to purchase cosmetic items, but you can always use real money to buy them as well. 

However, I wouldn't suggest using real money if you already have a lot of coins to spend. If you're looking for exclusive items at the in-game store, then go ahead and spend your money to support the game.

Keep Your Eyes Open for Portals

Portals are another mechanic in the game that you should take advantage of whenever it is present. 

Stacky Dash - How to Get Coins
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Portals will teleport you to another area of the map. Use them to effectively cross the level and get to the end as fast as possible without using a lot of your tiles. 

Keep your eyes open for portals since they're not always present at each level. Be careful when using portals, or else you might get into a situation that's very difficult to escape

Sometimes, portals can even teleport you to an area you've already been to.

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes, I get myself into sticky situations where I'm either backed into a corner, or I run out of tiles to work with. These are the moments that make the game very challenging for me. Here's a tip on how I deal with this kind of situation. 

Think outside the box. You might think that there's no solution to your current predicament but try to think outside the box, and you'll realize that the answer is right there all along. If you're having a hard time finding a solution, you can always go back and replay the level

This is the beauty of the game. You can always correct your mistakes through experience. Without any time limit, you can always spend most of your time thinking about proper solutions to your current problem.


The Stacky Dash mobile game might seem easy at first, but it becomes challenging when you get to the later levels. Stick to the tips I've mentioned above, and you should be fine on your own. Remember that this mobile game is all about collecting tiles, so be sure to always prioritize doing just that.