LifeAfter – Learn How to Produce Farming Goods

Netease has always delivered on mobile games with the likes of Rules of Survival and Knives Out, but there’s one game that has taken mobile gaming to a whole new level – LifeAfter


Following a zombie apocalypse, players must band together to survive the harsh landscape filled with hungry zombies and mutated monsters. Each player must learn how to gather resources, defend themselves, and learn how to live in this scary new world. 

It’s a game of survival of the fittest, and I’ve gathered some tips on how you can survive this dangerous world. Check out my guide below on how you can progress faster, earn money, produce farming goods, and more.

  • Always Be Prepared
  • Talk to NPCs Along the Way
  • Importance of Choosing the Right Job
  • Explore the Map for Rewards
  • How to Produce Farming Goods
LifeAfter - Learn How to Produce Farming Goods
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Always Be Prepared

One of the most common mistakes that new players make in this game is exploring without proper preparation. I have been one of the many players that have made this mistake in the past. 

Sure, the world is so large that it can be tempting to explore it immediately; however, it is also quite dangerous. Always be prepared whenever you plan on going out. 

Store weapons in your inventory, especially ranged weapons. Gather some bandages and food items as well to help sustain your trip. 

Get into the habit of packing these essentials, especially when you go out on a quest. Trust me; it will save you a lot of time in this game.

Complete the Beginner’s Quests

From the moment I step into the game, I’m immediately reminded that several quests and tasks need to be completed in order to progress in the game. 

These activities are quite important as they often reward me with essential items necessary for my survival, especially in the early stages. These beginner’s quests are usually given by nearby NPCs and can be easily completed by following the arrow on the floor. 

Once done, the rewards should be good enough to help you gather resources or start crafting new items. Try to complete the beginner’s quests before you log out of the game.

Talk to NPCs Along the Way

Exploration is key to succeeding in this game. With so many different locations to discover, there are bound to be some surprises in the game. One of which is by talking to NPCs as you travel through the many locales. 

LifeAfter - Learn How to Produce Farming Goods
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Check the minimap for a blue dot and head over to the NPC to receive some quests. These quests are often very easy to complete and reward me with tons of gifts. 

Most of them can be found in specific locations on the map where many players gather, so it is quite easy to spot them. If you do have a hard time locating them, the blue dot will show you the way. 

These NPC quests also provide a good amount of experience and resources. There was even a time when it even gave me special items.

Sell Junk Items to Vendors to Earn Money

Much like in real life, LifeAfter also requires its players to earn money through the profession. While it does take time to get myself certified for a profession, one easy way to earn money in the game is to sell junk items to NPCs or vendors. 

The game is constantly evolving, and I’m often left with no room within my inventory. I try to segregate the items on my inventory and dispose of those that I don’t need. 

Most of these junk items don’t offer enough value for me anyway, so it is best that I just sell them to the nearest NPC for more money.

Importance of Choosing the Right Job

You’ll be required to pick a job once you hit a certain level in the game. There are nine different jobs to choose from, and each of them will help you earn money in the game. 

LifeAfter - Learn How to Produce Farming Goods
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I highly recommend you pick a job that you like to do within the game but make sure that it will also help you earn money. The best jobs include lumberjack, miner, and hemp picker, but jobs like armorer and firearms maker are the most profitable. 

Whether you like to gather resources or craft new weapons in the game, it is up to you as long as you enjoy the job that you’ve chosen. 

You’ll be stuck with it for a long time unless you get a sun coin, which can only be purchased using real money, that will allow you to change your profession. 

Throw Away Old Tools

Tools are very important in this game. They often provide you with meaningful ways to create new items and weapons in the game. However, tools often run their course when you level up. All the items in the game will correspond to your current level. 

Therefore, your tools will also need to be upgraded to keep up with your needs. To do this, I usually throw away my old tools to make room for new ones. Old tools are useless once you’ve outgrown them, so it is best to throw them away if they’re taking up space in your inventory. 

Inventory slots are very important in this game, and you need to manage them efficiently. Whenever I unlock a new tool, I always discard the old ones. The same goes for weapons; however, I usually dismantle them first and use the resources to build another weapon.

Explore the Map for Rewards

The world map of LifeAfter is one of the largest I’ve ever seen for a mobile game. With plenty of maps and biomes to explore, there are bound to be maps that have secret areas. 

LifeAfter - Learn How to Produce Farming Goods
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I’ve played this game for quite some time now, and I’m still surprised at the secret locations that I discover now and then. 

Try to explore the entire map, and you’ll be surprised to receive rewards chests. There are only a few of them in the game to collect, and once you collect them all, you’ll then receive gold bars

Check out each region to receive these chests and open them for rewards. Make sure that you explore all the hidden areas and small passageways for some of these hidden chests.

Don’t Forget to Check Zone Information

Each zone in LifeAfter has its own set of resources endemic to the area. Most of the time, these resources are only available depending on the zone and the weather. Check the zone information first before heading out to gather resources. 

Tap the weather icon found at the top right corner of the screen at the minimap to see additional information about the zone. Information includes the different resources that are obtainable within the zone and the current weather condition. 

I do this all the time to stop myself from wasting precious time when looking for resources.

How to Produce Farming Goods

At the beginning of the game, foraging for food is the ideal way to keep me from going hungry. There are many ways to produce food in this game. Farming goods should provide a sustainable amount of food and crops that you can also sell. 

LifeAfter - Learn How to Produce Farming Goods
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First, you need a small piece of land where you can fit your crops inside. Clear the area from stones and other obstacles and start planting seeds or saplings from supply chests or earned through rewards from quests. 

Plant them in an open space and take good care of them. Make sure they properly receive fertilizers and water. Plant food and pest repellants are also great options to take care of your crops. 

You’ll then know that it’s time to harvest your crops when it’s the only option available when you select the crop. Harvest them, and you have your farming goods ready for consumption.

Raising Farm Animals

The best way to produce animal goods is through raising farm animals. Not only did it provide me with great resources, but it was also a great way to produce a lot of meat and items like milk. To do this, all you need to do is to build a livestock pen. 

These pens are not permanent and have limited durability. The more animals you raise within the pen, the more its durability decreases. There’s no way to increase its durability so, after raising a few farming animals, I have to rebuild the pen to accommodate another set of farm animals. 

Next, do some quests to get farm animals for free or purchase them. Make sure that you take good care of them by feeding them as well as playing with them.


Developer Netease has created a fantastic game with exciting gameplay that suits a lot of mobile players. Whether I want to play the game for a few minutes or several hours, LifeAfter always leaves me excited to return to play.

Check out LifeAfter on the Google Play Store and the App Store.