Learn How to Get Money in Dan the Man

If you like games that allow players to jump around platforms and beat opponents left and right, you've probably encountered a popular game called Dan the Man. The retro-vibe and the heavy focus on action combat are what make this game one of my all-time favorites.

Dan the Man is an action side-scrolling role-playing mobile game where you play as Dan or Josie to defeat enemies in different styles. Beat up opponents using different weapons and combos, upgrade your moves, and unlock new ones with the money you collect along the way.


Check out my guide to find out how you can improve the way you play the game, how to deal with bosses, how to get money, and discover different game modes, below.

  • Time Your Attacks Perfectly
  • Check Out the Different Game Modes
  • Be Wise When Using Your Special Weapons
  • Some Combat Tips in Dan the Man
  • Focus on Just One Character
Learn How to Get Money in Dan the Man
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Time Your Attacks Perfectly

Enemies are scattered randomly at every level. In the early stages of the game, I only encountered melee enemies that could be easily defeated. However, the introduction of ranged foes has given me quite the challenge in the later stages. 

Ranged enemies are very deadly since they can attack from a distance and dish out greater damage than their melee counterparts. The best way to deal with ranged enemies is to observe their attack patterns. 


They are often very predictable as they need time to wind up their attack. You'll be able to predict when they will attack and where their attacks will land so you can dodge them. 

Time your attacks perfectly. Whether you want to attack before they do or after they make their attacks, it's up to you. I personally suggest that you wait for them to attack first and then use your combos to close the gap and eliminate them.

Smash Everything and Collect Money

The game features different platforms and terrains, but one thing I noticed in every stage is that there are always pots scattered around. It's very tempting to smash one, and when I did, it gave me a couple of coins. Sometimes, they even give out a few hundred coins. 


Try to smash the pots you encounter at every level of the game and collect as many coins as you can. You'll soon be able to afford any items you want to buy or use them to upgrade your combos and skills later on. 

I've also discovered some pots hidden in secret areas, and they often provide a higher amount of coins.

Check Out the Different Game Modes

Dan the Man plays exactly like an RPG where I get to choose different game modes. There are four game modes to choose from, and each one is different from the next. 

Learn How to Get Money in Dan the Man
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The Campaign Mode follows the adventure of Dan as he travels across the dangerous landscape and meets foes along the way.  

Endless Survival Mode is a game mode for those who are more competitive. Players will have to fight through a myriad of monsters and bosses and whoever survives the longest earns the most points. The player with the most points takes the top spot on the leaderboard. 

Adventure Mode sees players challenging themselves in a series of battles and games to win exclusive prizes.

Try the New Multiplayer Game Mode

For quite some time, players have been clamoring for a new game mode that would allow us to play with others. The time finally arrived when Halfbrick Studios announced a Multiplayer mode where we can partner with another player in a "beat up a horde" type of game. 

In this game mode, players must try to survive the onslaught of enemies for the longest time possible. Grab a friend and enjoy this action platformer. Even if I don't have any friends online, I can simply queue up and get matched with another player who wants to play this game mode. 

As they say, two Dans are better than one. Fight against an army of soldiers, robots, bats, and bosses and collect all the coins as rewards.

Be Wise When Using Your Special Weapons

There are a lot of weapons that I can use when playing Dan the Man. There are the basic ones that you can upgrade later on if you want to make them stronger. 

Learn How to Get Money in Dan the Man
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There are also special weapons that deal massive damage and sometimes have special bonuses or special effects. Special weapons are hard to come by, and players will have to work hard to own them. This is why using special weapons needs a lot of strategies. 

More often, I suggest using special weapons only when dealing with bosses or unique monsters in the game. Don't try to use these special weapons on basic enemies. 

Apart from using them against bosses, there are instances where I am forced to use these special weapons, such as when getting cornered by mobs or if I need to use the weapon to proceed to the next level.

Always Upgrade Your Combo

Dan can perform different moves that deal damage to enemies. Players can chain these moves into a series of combos that are unlocked once you've gained enough experience or unlocked other moves. 

These combos can be further upgraded through the use of the money you earn from collecting them throughout the game. Combo Punch is one of the most essential combo moves, and upgrading it will enhance its power and make beating your opponents much faster and easier. 

Defeat enemies and clear each level quicker so you can spend more time checking out secret areas and smashing pots to earn more money. Another great combo that I upgrade after the Combo Punch is the Down Kick which is quite helpful in a lot of situations.

Some Combat Tips in Dan the Man

Mastering the art of combat is critical in Dan the Man. I found myself having to train my chosen character in many different ways early on to ensure my survivability in the game. 

Learn How to Get Money in Dan the Man
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Some combat tips that I can suggest is to try and hit as many enemies with just one attack. Players can do this by grouping the enemies first. Once they're standing next to one another, release a full combo and eliminate them in just one go. 

When it comes to ranged enemies, it is best to try and observe their attacks first and try to create distance between yourself and the enemy.

Lastly, avoid getting mobbed and cornered. You'll lose a lot of health when enemies are attacking from every direction.

Things to Do When Dealing with a Boss

You'll inevitably encounter a boss in the game, and things can get pretty bad if you don't know how to deal with them. When starting a boss fight, make sure that you have your special weapon with you. 

You'll encounter a boss in every third level of the game. Special weapons deal tremendous amounts of damage that can easily take down a boss. Dodge as many attacks as possible. Bosses are notorious for dealing damage that can immediately render your health bar low. 

Try to avoid their attacks first and once they stop, take the time to aim your special weapon accurately and fire everything you have. Bosses have their own attack pattern, so try to observe it first and act accordingly.

Focus on Just One Character

Players can choose to use Dan or Josie in the game as the main character. Some players also opt to create a custom hero in hopes that it would bear a slight advantage over the two main characters. 

Learn How to Get Money in Dan the Man
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However, this is not the case for the game. There are no differences between the main characters and custom heroes in the game. 

Players can play whomever they like and will still have the same set of skills and moves. 

Upgrades are exclusive to the character you've chosen to play, so if you plan on creating another one, you'll have to upgrade them again.

Watch Ads to Get Money and Rewards

Ads are a great way to earn even more money and maybe even receive exclusive rewards in the game. I often spend a few minutes watching ads and collect at least 200 coins after watching a single ad. 

Ads are placed within levels or can also be accessed through the in-game store or even on the main screen. 

Watching ads also offer energy refills, new weapons, and even extra health. Whenever I'm low on health, I just watch an ad, and I'm back to full health.


Dan the Man becomes increasingly difficult to play, especially in the later stages. I hope the tips mentioned above will help you make proper decisions, especially when it comes to upgrades and combat. Check out Dan the Man on the Google Play Store and the App Store.