Game of Sultans - How to Get Money

When it comes to fantasy role-playing games, we often think of the medieval times of knights and swordsmen. That's about to change with Game of Sultans.


Game of Sultans replaces the dashing knights with eloquent viziers and beautiful consorts while you build an army, deal with internal affairs, and eliminate any opposing faction.

However, the game is much more in-depth than just recruiting soldiers to fight your war. There's still a lot of things to do which further complicate the game. In this guide, I'll teach you how to command your army, how to get resources, how to get money, how to level up your character, and more.

  • Command Your Army to Victory
  • Using Resources to Train Your Army
  • Deciding on Imperial Affairs
  • Don't Forget to Check the Rules
  • Join Events to Earn More Rewards
Game of Sultans - How to Get Money
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Command Your Army to Victory

In playing Game of Sultans, the main goal is to defeat all the enemies. The very first thing you need to do in this game is to recruit an army so that you can conquer all those who oppose you. 

The main method of defeating an enemy is to take over a castle but that might not be the easiest way. Enemy castles have tough defences and most of them have their own army. 

Having the best army is key to victory as attacking enemy castles is not an easy feat. There will be waves and waves of soldiers to defeat and each succeeding wave becomes difficult to deal with. 

The game is divided into different chapters and within each chapter lies several enemy castles that you'll need to conquer. At the end of each chapter, you'll also have to deal with the final castle to progress to the next chapter. 

Creating the Perfect Team of Viziers

You will need a leader to help guide your army and boost their morale. This is where I find viziers to be very important in terms of strength. Viziers have an innate talent that will help your army and give you an advantage. 

There are 56 viziers available in the game, each with their own set of unique abilities. Players can also upgrade their viziers and make them stronger. Viziers are categorized into four different classifications and have to be trained to get better. 

To build the perfect team of viziers, you should have viziers with the military, research, politics, and prestige advantage. A good example of a team of viziers would be Davut, Evliya, Sinan, and Ayas.

Using Resources to Train Your Army

In Game of Sultans, resources are everything. They fuel every move that I do, like recruiting new soldiers for my army and building more structures within my castle. There are two types of resources in this game - gold and grain. 

Game of Sultans - How to Get Money
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Gold helps you train and upgrade your viziers while grain lets you recruit and train soldiers. 

We all know that soldiers are important for you to defeat enemy castles so the more grain that you have, the more likely you can build your army fast and begin eliminating your opponents. 

Collect grain through the Imperial Parliament where you will meet Ahmelek who will help you in collecting these resources.

Level Up Your Character

Speaking of Imperial Parliament, you need to make sure that you level up your character as fast as possible. The best way to level up your character fast is to get more Levies. 

Levies can be found at the Imperial Parliament as well and can be used to give your character experience points. Apart from that, you will need to complete different battles and use the experience boost provided to help level up your character. 

Remember that the game does not automatically level up your character so you will have to tap your character's portrait to level it up.

Deciding on Imperial Affairs

One thing I like about Game of Sultans is the dilemma that it presents when it comes to Imperial Affairs. Apart from the constant battles against enemy troops, you also have to deal with Imperial Affairs which can either help or hurt your entire game. 

Game of Sultans - How to Get Money
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Imperial Affairs often presents two different scenarios to choose from. Sometimes, choosing “Yes” rewards me with thousands of soldiers, or choosing “No” could mean earning experience points. 

The rewards vary from one Imperial Affair to another so answering correctly is the key. I advise that you try to answer in a more positive tone. However, it would still depend on the current needs. 

If you find yourself needing a new army then go ahead and choose that option but if you're already secured and need an experience boost, choose the other.

Complete Quests and Earn Money

Questing is an essential aspect of Game of Sultans. It is probably one of the most integral parts of the game and is known to help players earn more money. You can find your next quest in the lower-left portion of the screen when you're done with the first one. 

Completing these quests will reward you with money, grain, and sometimes even soldiers. Each quest has different objectives so read through them thoroughly. I would also suggest that you check all the quests immediately once you log in to the game. 

Apart from the main quest, you also have the daily quests which reward you with experience points, money, resources, and more. These daily quests refresh every day so you can always complete them and receive rewards as long as you play the game every day.

Don't Forget to Check the Rules

From assembling your army to dealing with Internal Affairs, Game of Sultans can be very complicated to play. There are a lot of rules that you need to follow but these rules are important. Each chapter of the campaign has its own set of rules that you should follow. 

Game of Sultans - How to Get Money
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Read the rules before you play the game especially when you're at the end and about to deal with the final castle. These rules will help inform you of the many rewards that you can receive after winning each battle

This will then give you an idea of how you want to move forward in the game. These rewards can only be unlocked if you have followed the said rules so be sure to read them thoroughly and carefully. 

While you won't be able to win all of the rewards, it is best to prioritize unlocking rewards such as gold and resources.

Visit the Fortune Teller

There's a lot of hidden features that many new players don't know about especially when it comes to getting more rewards. One such feature can be accessed by visiting the Divination building and by meeting the Fortune Teller for some coffee. 

Of course, the word “coffee” is just a secret code for you to have your fortune told but meeting the Fortune Teller will bring some rewards. These rewards include precious resources, attribute books, and more. 

Whenever you're short on gold, try to check out the Fortune Teller for some rewards. Don't forget to visit the Divination building right before you log off from the game to collect all of your rewards from this secret feature.

Join Events to Earn More Rewards

Game of Sultans has held a lot of events in the past year. I've joined several of them and have been rewarded with some exclusive prizes. Of course, you have to participate in them to receive the rewards. 

Game of Sultans - How to Get Money
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Whenever the game runs some in-game events, never fail to participate in them. You'll be surprised to learn that the game wants you to enjoy and have some fun. 

One event that is currently going on is the Fortification Event where you get to compete with other players. 

Winning the event will most likely earn you diamonds in the game so go ahead and challenge players in a do-or-die battle.

Link Your Social Media

There are a lot of advantages when you opt to link your social media account to the game. Not only will you be binding the game to a single account, but you can also access and continue the game on any other device you have as long as you log in using the same credentials. 

You also get to receive a variety of rewards including diamonds and gold which will help you gain an advantage in the game. I recommend that you link your social media to the game immediately so that you can receive the rewards early on. 

Check out this feature by tapping the Binding option at the upper left corner of the screen. 


From building your castle from the ground up to recruiting viziers and soldiers, Game of Sultans has it all. A widely entertaining and highly strategic mobile game, be sure to check out all the tips I've mentioned above so you'll have a good time playing.

Game of Sultans is now available on mobile through the Google Play Store and the App Store.