Gionathan Pesaresi is going to Bring Cute Action/Puzzle Game Yokai Dungeon to Mobile

Hello Mobile Gamers, Gionathan Pesaresi also known as Neutronized has released a lots of games in past few years, but is best known for its excellent platformer series Super Cat Tales. And now Pesareshi is going to bring its new cute action/puzzler mobile game "Yokai Dungeon" which centers around Yōkai – a class of spirits or monsters in Japanese folklore. You will get to control various characters from the top-down perspective which are kind of similar to Bomberman.


In "Yokai Dungeon" you will get to play through the a series of procedurally-generated dungeons, and you have to push the objects into the enemies to kill them. Persareshi has revealed a lot of information about the game which you check out right below in the video:

Yokai Dungeon also has a lot of things things to offer other than just solving the puzzles. As you proceed in the game you come across the shops, where you can buy nad obtain the useful items for your hero which results in several bonuses such as speed boost, extra life of the hero etc. This game has more than 20 heroes which you can choose your favourite one from, and each with the different health, speed and luck stats, so keep in mind every hero is different from the other.

The interesting thing about the heroes is that the developers created and introduced these heroes in the game, based on the suggestions of the fans, so there is a possibility that you will get to see more heroes in the future. There is no release date confirmed by the developers yet for Yokai Dungeon. But the game has been developed "Complete 100%" and has also been submitted to Apple, so it can be expected that we will not have to wait for longer time.

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