Hovercraft: Getaway By High Score Hero Has Been Officially Released For Both iOS and Android Users

Hovercraft: Getaway is a brand new casual racing game developed by High Score Hero, and it has just been globally released for both android and ios Users. In the game, you get to drive a hovercraft and go through crazy racetracks destroying anything which comes in your way. Have a look at the gameplay trailer of Hovercraft: Getaway below:

As seen in the video above, in Hovercraft: Getaway you are being chased by the cops, and your only goal is to survive as long as possible. The gameplay of Hovercraft: Getaway is very simple yet very fun and addictive. The game also you with the option to customize your hovercraft, and you can also do some stunts in the game while on the run by swiping your fingers across the screen.

As we mentioned above, Hovercraft: Getaway has just been globally released and you can now download it via Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.