Sky Rolling Ball - See How to Earn Money

There are a lot of mobile games that require precision with the controls and skillful maneuver of the character. Sky Rolling Ball is one of those games. 


It relies heavily on the player's ability to manipulate and control the ball through unpredictable obstacles and race it through a tough course to get to the end. It's quite a challenging game to play but it's also one of the most fun mobile games I've played lately.

With such a simple premise, one would think that this mobile game should be effortless to play but there are intricate challenges waiting. Here are some tips on how you can beat these challenging aspects of the game, how to earn money, where to collect keys, and more.

  • Practice Controlling the Ball
  • Complete Each Level to Earn Money and Keys
  • It's Okay to Leave Some Coins Behind
  • Double Your Rewards by Watching Ads
  • Don't Forget to Grab Extra Lives
Sky Rolling Ball - See How to Earn Money
Image Source: DM Gameplay / YouTube

Practice Controlling the Ball

The very first thing that I immediately noticed when playing Sky Rolling Ball was how steep the learning curve is when it comes to mastering the controls. While I only need one finger to control the ball, the actual skill in doing it requires a lot of patience and time to practice. 

Sky Rolling Ball - See How to Earn Money
Image Source: Gaming Master / YouTube

I suggest that you master controlling the ball in the early levels so you won't have trouble moving the ball around in the later levels. 

You'll discover that around level 7 the game takes a massive turn when it comes to difficulty as it introduces many other obstacles in the game. 

On some levels, I have to contend with narrow paths as well as jumping from one platform to another. This is where your skills in controlling the ball come to play.

Be Careful with Obstacles

Speaking of obstacles, there are a lot of them in this game. You encounter obstacles during the first few levels but they aren't too challenging especially for those who are fond of playing this type of game. 

However, by the time I hit level 7, Sky Rolling Ball introduces platforms, accelerators, narrow pathways, and slides that will prove to be very difficult to maneuver. 

There are also walls of monoblocs that aim to pad your landing so you don't go overboard. Some of these monoblocs are quite difficult to destroy and you'll need to accelerate before you hit them in order to destroy them.

Complete Each Level to Earn Money and Keys

I know it is quite challenging to complete each level considering this is a very simple game. But this is where Sky Rolling Ball begins to be fun for me. As you maneuver your ball around the course, you'll collect coins along the way. 

Sky Rolling Ball - See How to Earn Money
Image Source: Bextiyar Atayev / YouTube

You can jump from one platform to another or slam into a wall of monoblocks to get through them while maneuvering the ball to gather the coins on your path. 

The goal is to collect as many coins and get to the end of each level. I was also able to collect keys within the course. 

However, the best part is when you get to the finish line and the game rewards you with a lot of money. Be sure to collect as many coins within the course as possible so the game will offer you to double or triple your rewards.

Use Keys to Open Reward Chests

You might be wondering what the keys are for. You're required to collect at least three before the game offers you the chance to collect some random rewards. 

Once you get all three keys, you'll be able to choose at least three golden chests to open. These chests contain rewards but they are given at random. 

Most of the time, these chests contain more coins but there are also instances where it also gave me new balls. Those who are looking for a good way to earn money in Sky Rolling Ball should try to collect keys while playing so you can open more chests.

It's Okay to Leave Some Coins Behind

In the later stages of Sky Rolling Ball, where the course becomes very difficult to maneuver, there will be times when you'll be forced to leave behind some coins on your path just to get to the next platform. 

Sky Rolling Ball - See How to Earn Money
Image Source: DM Gameplay / YouTube

Many players might want to risk getting those precious coins even if it means falling down and restarting again. 

Take note that when you abruptly end the level, you'll risk both coins and your extra life

I would rather suggest that you master the controls further at this point in the game so you're sure that you can handle the tougher obstacles.

Try Exploring Some Hidden Areas

Each level in Sky Rolling Ball becomes progressively difficult. There are some levels that require you to skittle down a very narrow path or sometimes, you're forced to jump from one platform to another. 

There are also some levels where there are platforms on the side that have a lot of coins in them. Try to explore some of these areas if you are already confident with your skills in the game. 

You'll be rewarded for taking the risk and mastering your skills in handling the ball. Look for platforms at the side of the screen and you can always jump across them and jump back into the main course once you're done collecting the coins.

Double Your Rewards by Watching Ads

I've played this game for quite some time now and I've discovered a good way to get to the more challenging levels if I want to earn more money

Sky Rolling Ball - See How to Earn Money
Image Source: Google Play Store

Sure, the early levels might be very easy but they don't contain a lot of coins so there's no point in playing them again just to earn quick and easy coins. 

One thing I noticed in the early levels of Sky Rolling Ball is that the game compensates for it by giving you the option to watch ads

There's an option to do so at the end of each level where I was able to get three more keys to open the reward chests. There's even an option to skip levels and get to the more challenging ones.

Use Your Money to Purchase New Balls

Earning money is very simple in Sky Rolling Ball. All you need to do is collect the coins and gather as many rewards as possible. You can even double or triple the amount of reward that you get by watching ads. 

Once you have enough money, go ahead and check the in-game store by tapping the menu at the right corner of the screen. You'll find different kinds of balls to choose from and replace the generic one that you currently play. 

There are also themes that you can purchase which change the background which make the game even more beautiful. I personally love the cityscape background which has a very modern tone to it.

Don't Forget to Grab Extra Lives

Throughout the entire game, you'll notice that there are five slots at the right side corner of the screen. This is where you can see how many lives you have left to play the game. 

Sky Rolling Ball - See How to Earn Money
Image Source: Google Play Store

Once you fall down the platform, you'll lose a life and you can use the spare lives that you have to continue playing the game. Fortunately, the game also provides you with a way to gain an extra life. 

There are pads somewhere within certain levels of the game that will give you an extra life. Always be sure to run over these pads to collect all the extra lives. 

The more lives you have in the game, the more you're able to take risks to get even more coins and earn more money. 

Downloading Sky Rolling Ball 3D

Now that you've learned a few basic tips and tricks in the game, it's time to learn how to download Sky Rolling Ball 3D. The game is available on the mobile platform which means your Android phones are capable of downloading and playing the game. 

To download, simply launch the Google Play Store on your device. Search for the title of the game and tap on the Install button to begin the download

Wait until the game is fully installed then tap Open to launch and start playing.


Playing Sky Rolling Ball 3D can be very challenging especially if you are new to this type of game. You'll need steady hands, a lot of patience, and good concentration to pass through some of the toughest challenges at each level. 

Fortunately, the tips mentioned above should help you ease some of the difficulties, especially when it comes to earning money, getting extra lives, and how to collect rewards in the game.