NBA Live Mobile Basketball: Season 4 Is Live

Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the most popular developers for publishing field games in the electronic mode. EA Sports FIFA, Cricket 20, and NBA Live Basketball are some of the world's most loved games.

The NBA Live Mobile Basketball is the best basketball game to play on Mobile. The graphics of the game are excellently designed, and it feels like a much real game while playing. The game's theme is based on the National Basketball Association (NBA) Championship held in the United States of America. The game recently got its Season 4, the details of which have been shared below.


Details of EA Sports' NBA Live Mobile Basketball Season 4:

Season 4 of NBA Live Mobile Basketball began on 5th August 2020. The previous season had limited superstar players present in teams. However, the current season has added more legendary players. Superstar Players have taken over this season, and you can build your team with Superstar Players. These players have special abilities and traits. You can collect the current classic legendary players along with new courts, jerseys, and unique boosters for your team.

The all-new player type, Superstars, will enable you to collect the greatest players of all time and enhance them throughout the season. The legendary player Joel Embiid is one of the Superstar. These superstars are the core of your team.


The other features of the season are Team Drafting, Power Ranking, and Live Events. You can draft a new team with an improved Team Drafting Experience, and your Multi-Year Lineup can increase power Ranking. Various rewards are available for completing the Live Events.

If you are a basketball enthusiast, we recommend you to must try this Basketball game. It gives one of the best user experience for the players.

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