Arrow Fest - How to Get Coins

Who would have thought that playing a mobile game would make me good at solving math equations? Playing Arrow Fest is quite the challenge, especially when it comes to math, as the game incorporates the use of math equations into its basic game mechanics. 


You might wonder if you're up for the challenge if you're not good at math. The simple answer is “Yes”, however, there is still a lot to learn about the game especially when it comes to dealing with the equations. 

Check out my guide below and learn how to conserve your arrows as much as possible, how to earn coins, how to get to the end fast, and more. 

  • Playing Arrow Fest
  • Check the Color of Each Gate
  • Time to Improve Your Math Skills
  • Complete Each Level and Earn Coins
  • Dealing With Gates in the Middle
Arrow Fest - How to Get Coins
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Playing Arrow Fest

Arrow Fest is all about learning how to lead an arrow and guide it to where it should go so that you can get the highest score possible. 

Arrow Fest - How to Get Coins
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In this game, I get to guide an arrow through a pathway and there are two or more options that I encounter along the way that will determine how many arrows I will earn when I reach the end. 

You'll need to do whatever it takes to get as many arrows to the end as possible. While the premise of the game is that simple, it was later on that I found out that there are some challenges within the game. 

One major challenge that many players might not know about is that there is bound to have some math involved especially if you want to earn more coins. 

Downloading Arrow Fest

Before we begin to tell you some tips and secrets on how to play Arrow Fest the right way, here's how you can download the game. Arrow Fest is available on the mobile platform through Android and iOS devices. 

Launch the Google Play Store or the App Store depending on your device and search for the title of the game. You'll then have the option to download the game by tapping the Install button. 

It will download the game shortly after. Wait until the game is fully installed before you launch the game to play.

Check the Color of Each Gate

I discovered early on that the game does give a few hints on which gate I should be choosing. 

Arrow Fest - How to Get Coins
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There are two different gates that each player will need to choose. Each gate corresponds to a certain numerical equation that will either add, multiply, subtract, or divide the arrows that you currently have. 

And while I'm no math genius, the blue gates often add more arrows while the red ones would either subtract or even divide the number of arrows that I own. 

However, if you truly want to get as many arrows as possible, it is best that you try to look ahead and start calculating the equations.

Hitting Enemies Will Take Away Your Arrows

The main goal of the game is to save as many arrows as possible before you get to the finish line. However, there are instances that you will be forced to lose some of them when you encounter enemies. You'll inevitably be losing some arrows when you hit enemies. 

I can try and avoid them as much as possible but there will be times when you'll just have to accept that you'll hit them and lose some of your arrows. 

The game is more about choosing which options have the least impact on your overall score.

Time to Improve Your Math Skills

Many of us won't have any problems choosing which gate to pick, especially during the early levels of the game. It's likely built that way to let us get comfortable for a while before the game starts to ramp up its difficulty

Arrow Fest - How to Get Coins
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Sometimes I encounter gates that offer seemingly similar equations and cause a mathematical dilemma. A good example that I encountered was the left gate offered to add more arrows while the other gate offered to multiply the arrows

At a single glance, you would choose the gate that would multiply, however, that is not always the best choice strategically. 

You'll have to take into account the number of arrows that you have depending on the equation to get the most out of the gate that you've chosen. It's a bit complicated but that's where the fun and challenges are with this game.

Try to Spread Your Arrows

Normally, you would be clumping up your arrows in hopes of keeping all of them without having to lose some when bumping into obstacles. This is a great tip to follow if you're just trying to collect as many arrows as possible in the early stages of each level. 

However, this tip won't be as useful when you get near the end of the level as there are enemies that you'll need to get past which can consume a lot of your arrows if you're still clumping them together. 

Try to spread your arrows thin during this time so your enemies will only catch a few of them. Spreading your arrows thinly might even be advantageous as there will be times that it will just go through the enemy.

Complete Each Level and Earn Coins

You've already done the math and have tried your best to save the arrows that you've collected but the game is more than just collecting arrows. You'll still need to navigate through the rest of the level and avoid dropping your arrows. 

Arrow Fest - How to Get Coins
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I know it's quite difficult but get to the end with as many arrows in your hand as possible. At the end of each level, the game will provide you with the score you've earned from collecting the arrows. 

The game will then reward you with coins depending on how many arrows are still left when you reach the finish line. 

Completing each level will earn you coins but to get bonus coins, you'll have to collect more arrows than your previous attempt.

Watch Ads and Get More Coins

Sometimes, it can be frustrating to get very few coins at the end of each level, especially in difficult levels. The game does offer a lot of rewards after completing each level but I've discovered one way to earn even more coins and receive better rewards at the end.  

There's an option to watch an ad right before you transition to the next level. Tap this option and an ad will play. You simply need to watch the ad until the very end and you'll receive additional coins. 

The number of coins will depend on how many times you've already watched an ad. This option is limited so make sure that you make good use of this opportunity.

Dealing With Gates in the Middle

Players usually encounter two gates in this game. One colored blue and the other colored red. 

Arrow Fest - How to Get Coins
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Sometimes, they are both colored blue and other times, they are both colored red. You'll also encounter just a single gate along the way and you have the freedom to go through it or not depending on the equation being offered. 

However, there are also times when I'm forced to go through a gate no matter what since it is right in the middle of the path. The only way to deal with this is to go through with it if you don't want to risk losing your arrows. 

What I usually do is try to squeeze my arrow to the side as much as possible to avoid the gate. While some might get caught, at least it doesn't take the entire bunch.

Use Coins at the In-Game Shop or for a VIP Subscription

Everything in the game leads to earning gold coins. There's a reason why you want to earn as many coins as possible. At the start of each level, you're given the option to choose to start with a bunch of arrows or increase the number of coins that you earn.

There's no right or wrong choice in this one as both options are very viable. You will need to spend some coins when you choose one option but if you have enough coins, you can always choose both. 

Arrow Fest also has a VIP subscription where you use real money to disable the ads in the game. While you won't need to spend a lot of real money on the game, if you do find the ads annoying, you can always do so by subscribing to the VIP or No Ads service.


Mastering arrow control can be very tough especially for new players. There's a lot to digest in this game especially with all the equations that go through your head just to get the highest amount of coins at the end of each level. 

Hopefully, the tips I've mentioned above would play a huge role in making sure you get to earn as many coins as possible.