See How to Get Diamonds in Heroes Evolved

The MOBA genre in mobile gaming has seen a meteoric rise in the past couple of years. The popularity of the genre has gained worldwide success and many game developers want to try and emulate the success of other mobile games in the genre. 


Enter Heroes Evolved. Some of you might not be familiar with this MOBA game and a lot of people may not even know that this game even exists. However, it remains one of the most popular mobile MOBA games within its community.

MOBA, or multiplayer online battle arena, has always been highly competitive. In this guide, I will teach you how to play the game especially for those who are new to the genre, guide you on the gameplay aspects, teach you how to get diamonds, and more. Check out the article below.

  • The Concept of MOBA and Heroes Evolved
  • Understanding Different Team Composition
  • Customize Gear Binds
  • Focus on Learning One Hero at a Time
  • Login and Play Everyday to Get Diamonds
See How to Get Diamonds in Heroes Evolved
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The Concept of MOBA and Heroes Evolved

MOBA games usually have a very similar playstyle and Heroes Involved is no different. The game is played on the mobile platform where players get to choose a hero to play with. 

Players are then summoned to a map with three lanes and in between those lanes is the jungle. In Heroes Evolved, you will get to play with a team composed of five players against another team of five players. 

To win, you must tear down the enemy structures and turrets until you reach the enemy base and destroy it. 

However, the other team will also be trying the same with your base so working together as a team will help you get to your goal.

Learning Hero Roles

Each player will have to choose a hero in the game. Every hero in the game will play a certain role. The roles include Melee, Ranged, Disabler, Ganker, Carry, Pusher, and Durable. 

Melee and ranged heroes are self-explanatory but for those who are new to the game, nukers are heroes that deal tons of damage within a short amount of time while durables are those that try to disrupt the enemy as much as possible with their innate tankiness. 

Pushers are heroes that exert pressure on the lanes by pushing the wave of minions toward the enemy base and disablers are heroes that cause chaos in team fights. Lastly, the carry starts very weak but grows strong as the game goes on and becomes the source of damage in later team fights.

Understanding Different Team Composition

Every game that I play in Heroes Evolved is different from the next one and that's because of the type of players and the role they play in the game. I usually play a lot of carry heroes so most of the time, other players want to play around my role to help me excel in the game. 

See How to Get Diamonds in Heroes Evolved
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There are a lot of team compositions in Heroes Evolved and some of them are far more effective at winning the game. Most of the time, I build my team around the carry and make sure that the particular player can become stronger so he can end the game. 

There are others that also build their composition around the pusher who wants to exert as much effort on the enemy lanes to disrupt their game and end it as fast as possible.  

Without a doubt, the most successful team composition comprises a carry, support, disabler, nuker, and durable tank.

Look at the Mini Map

The entire map in Heroes Evolved is covered in darkness called the fog of war. This can be troublesome for players who don't know where the enemy team is and can lead to ambushes. 

The best way to prevent this from happening is by using wards or vision. Vision helps you see the enemy's location or what they're planning to do. 

One of the most underrated aspects in playing Heroes Evolved is vision and I cannot stress this enough especially for those who are still learning the game - use your wards. It can help prevent unnecessary deaths to your teammates and can even help win team fights.

Customize Gear Binds

Once you have played enough games, it is time to learn how to choose the right item for the situation. Most players I encounter in ranked games often use gear binds to help them purchase items as quickly as possible. 

See How to Get Diamonds in Heroes Evolved
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I can customize the items that I want to purchase before the game starts and I can even pre-buy the items before heading out in the lane. 

Certain heroes have weaknesses and others are often buffed whenever they equip a certain item. 

Make sure to read all the item descriptions and see which items are good against a certain kind of hero.

Don't Extend Outside Your Tower

I know there are a lot of mechanics to master in Heroes Evolved and one of which is as simple as staying alive the entire time. It is quite challenging especially for newbies to stay alive while playing the game. 

A lot of times, I've been ganked in my lane by the enemy team. Apart from providing good vision, the best way to avoid dying in the game a lot is not to extend outside the range of your tower. 

The tower provides a safe place for you to farm for gold so you can purchase items to become stronger. Moving away from your tower means it won't be able to protect you from incoming attacks. Try not to extend outside of your tower's range especially if you don't have any wards with you.

Focus on Learning One Hero at a Time

Each hero in Heroes Evolved is unique and brings their own set of specialties that can help you win the game. As a carry, I typically rely on others in the early game to help me farm gold safely so I can carry them later on. 

See How to Get Diamonds in Heroes Evolved
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Supports and other roles in the game will also need to rely on their teammates to help them earn the win. Each hero has the potential to win the game and it's all up to you to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each hero. 

I suggest that you try to focus on learning one hero at a time. Do your research and see which hero you think is close to your playstyle and master that hero

It is always best to play a hero that you're comfortable with than play a hero that you're not familiar with.

Practice Getting a Good Creep Score

A creep score happens when you get to kill an enemy minion. Every creep score would mean getting more gold from the minion. This ultimately will lead you to get more gold thus allowing you to purchase items much faster than your enemy. 

Getting a good creep score is highly advantageous especially if you like to play a carry or a hero that needs items to excel in the game. In some cases, some heroes don't need items to be effective, such as supports, but carry and tanks tend to need gold to be more effective at doing their role. 

Practice getting a good creep score by focusing on last-hitting the enemy minion. I know this can be very difficult at first but once you master this skill, it will be very worth it.

Login and Play Everyday to Get Diamonds

Diamonds are a great way to let me play new heroes in the game. However, they can only be purchased through the use of real money. 

See How to Get Diamonds in Heroes Evolved
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I've discovered some great ways to earn diamonds without even purchasing them but it will take a lot of time to do so. One of which is by simply logging in every day and playing the game. 

Heroes Evolved offers a lot of in-game events that reward me with diamonds but it would take a lot of commitment to get to a point where I can purchase new heroes using diamonds. 

It is best to just keep on logging in to the game and play while collecting all the rewards and you'll be surprised at how many diamonds you've already collected.

Invite Friends and Get Even More Diamonds

Apart from playing the game all by yourself, Heroes Evolved is a much more enjoyable experience if you play alongside your friends. 

I get to win more games when I play with my friends so the best way for you to invite your friends over and earn diamonds is to link your account on Facebook and send them the referral code. 

The more friends you invite to play the game, the more diamonds you collect. Go ahead and advertise the game by posting your progress in Heroes Evolved through your Facebook account and be rewarded with diamonds.


Heroes Evolved certainly has all the makings of a hit mobile MOBA game and it will only be a matter of time before everyone discovers this gem. Fortunately, you now have the edge over new players with the tips and tricks that I've provided above. 

These tips are mostly for beginners and there's still a lot more to learn, such as advanced strategies, so stay tuned for more. Heroes Evolved is now available for download on all mobile devices including Android and iOS through the Google Play Store and the App Store.