Rocky Rampage - Learn How to Get Money

When you look at Rocky Rampage, you might think that it is a copycat of some more popular games on mobile. However, Rocky Rampage is far from just a copy with its cartoon graphics and amazing gameplay. There is more to this game than just throwing your character into a field.


It takes skill and a lot of strategies to become successful at playing Rocky Rampage. I would even go as far as to say that this game is far superior in terms of quality to those that are in the same genre. 

With that in mind, here are some tips on how to play Rocky Rampage, earn money, get rewards, and more with the guide below.

  • Playing Rocky Rampage
  • Earning Money in Rocky Rampage
  • Don't Forget to Upgrade
  • Get Boosters to Help You Jump
  • Manage Your Taps
  • Keep the Coin Gun Active
Rocky Rampage - Learn How to Get Money
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Playing Rocky Rampage

Rocky Rampage is a fun mobile game where I get to pick a character and propel them in the air to try and reach the end where the evil Empress Clipper resides. 

Each round starts with my character standing ready to be launched across the entire field filled with walls, characters, and many other obstacles. 

To launch my character, there is a meter on the screen that goes back and forth where I tap and aim the arrow to hit the red section and launch my character in the air. 

As my character glides through the air, I can tap on the screen to jump and extend the flight. There are only a limited number of times that I can tap on the screen thus making the game very challenging to play.

Where to Download

Rocky Rampage is currently available for all mobile devices including Android and iOS

To download the game, simply head over to the Google Play Store or the App Store and search for the title. 

Tap on 'Install' or ‘Get’ to download and then launch the game whenever installation is done.

Earning Money in Rocky Rampage

Money or gold is very important in Rocky Rampage. It is everything that I ever needed when I want to excel in the game. This means that learning how to farm for gold in the game is essential. 

Rocky Rampage - Learn How to Get Money
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Players often just play the game and earn money that way. While I do think that it is a great option for many players, there are still a lot of other ways to earn money in Rocky Rampage. Let's talk about the simplest way first before we get to the more complicated one. 

Playing the game and finishing each level is the simplest way to earn money. Practice your skills and finish each level in the best possible way and reach the highest score to get the highest amount of gold that you can achieve. 

Each run will help you earn gold so you can later spend them on upgrades and other things.

Open Chests, Finish Missions, Get Rewards

Now here's the part where things can get complicated and highly competitive. Many players want to go with the simplest way of earning gold but I would rather incorporate some of these steps while also playing the game. 

If you notice while playing the game, there are chests getting airdropped. Collect those chests and open them later on and you'll discover a surprise waiting for you. I also receive chests by just logging in to the game so there's no excuse for me not to collect them. 

Missions or quests also give out good amounts of gold. Every day, I get a list of missions to complete and upon completion, the game rewards a substantial amount and it goes straight into my pocket.

Don't Forget to Upgrade

The very next thing that comes to mind when playing Rocky Rampage is upgrades. There are a lot of skills or power-ups that I can choose to complete at each level. This helps diversify and add strategy to the game. 

Rocky Rampage - Learn How to Get Money
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You'll encounter different obstacles while playing and using power-ups will help you get through these predicaments. Upgrading these power-ups means you also increase their power. 

Some of the best power-ups that I recommend you to upgrade to are Launch Power which increases your launching power at the start, Max Speed which increases your maximum speed. 

Strength makes it easier for you to destroy obstacles such as walls, and the last two essential upgrades should be Boom Bird that increases the power of explosion and Aerodynamics that reduces loss of speed as you traverse through the level.

Take Advantage of Mounts

Apart from upgrades and power-ups, there's also another feature that will help players get through each level much easier. I was able to unlock several mounts after doing a few levels in the campaign. 

Some of the most helpful mounts include Boom Bird which gives me a free jump as it explodes on collision. This is highly effective at the early stages where I need to learn the game but also in the later stages where things can be very challenging. 

The Kangaroo is another mount that allows me to take three strides and in the end, get an extra boost. The Golden Duck provides extra gold while the Flying Skunk propels me further with the help of its green spray. Upgrade these mounts and get even more power so your gold is always put to good use.

Get Boosters to Help You Jump

In addition to mounts and power-ups, the game further provides us with even more bonuses through the use of boosters

Rocky Rampage - Learn How to Get Money
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Boosters are given to help ease the challenge of playing Rocky Rampage. Not that the game is so complicated to begin with, but a little help is always welcome. 

Boosters such as Ms. Poggy help increase the launching power and with the help of mounts and upgrades, this booster is one of the best in the game. Energy Drink provides an additional jump that pairs well with Boom Bird and the Strength power-up. 

Dynamite gives you that little push just when you're about to be done.

Unlock New Pants

Your character will be available to you at the start of the game however, I noticed that mine is bare-naked. As I played the game, I was able to unlock several clothes that my character can wear. 

What surprised me is that these clothes, especially the pants, give bonus stats to my character thus allowing me even more power in the game. Clothes such as pants can be unlocked with the use of gold, gems, or by simply leveling up. 

Some pants like the Goldenline give an extra 3 speed while the Cannonball gives an extra boost. Mr. Thunder offers a permanent jump charge which is very helpful in this game.

Manage Your Taps

We already know that taps are limited in Rocky Rampage. There were times in the game where I thought I had enough taps to get my character to the end but alas, I was mistaken even though they do get refilled over time. 

Rocky Rampage - Learn How to Get Money
Image Source: Johan Fayt / YouTube

Never rely on the refill. It is a very common mistake especially for new players to rely on the refill to get them to the end. 

Treat the refill as bonus taps for your character instead of it being part of your limited number of taps. 

The main objective here is to maintain your speed. Take full advantage of the free tap once you gain a power-up.

Keep Your Momentum

Rocky Rampage is a game that's all about keeping your momentum. From the moment that I launch up until the very last second before stopping, it is all about controlling your forward momentum to reach as far a distance as possible. 

There is a mix of skill, practice, and a little bit of those upgrades and power-ups that we've talked about that come into play. Learn how to make good use of all three. 

Practice the basics of the game first before including all the little bits of power-ups that the game has to offer with your play. Keep yourself away from obstacles and you should be fine propelling your character as far away as possible.

Keep the Coin Gun Active

Coin Gun is a great source of income for players. It often gives out a good amount of money however, some might not want to use it because it is set behind a video ad. 

Rocky Rampage - Learn How to Get Money
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If you find yourself needing a lot of gold to purchase all the items and power-ups that you need in this game, the coin gun is the best place to do so. 

The best part about using this method is that the amount of gold I earn exponentially increases after watching another video ad.

Use Gems to Your Advantage

Use gems to purchase additional power-ups. You can find gems through rewards. Participate in events and you'll most likely get these gems. 

Save them up to buy these power-ups if you are not looking to use your money to purchase them at the store.


These are the very basic tips that I've gathered for players who want to learn how to play Rocky Rampage. Remember to keep your momentum up and practice a lot. These are your key to winning more rounds.