Discover How To Get Money In GTA: Liberty City Stories

Crime is rampant in GTA: Liberty City Stories, and the mobs are more violent than ever. This time, the mobs are about to face their fiercest foes and soon end their violent rule with even more violence. 


Set years before the events of Grand Theft Auto 3, Liberty City Stories follows Toni Cipriani on his journey to rid the city of opposing mobs and take full control of it. Liberty City Stories plays exactly like most GTA games, albeit with shorter missions designed for mobile gamers. 

In this iteration, players are put in an open world free to wreak havoc, seek justice, and punish those who have wronged them. In this guide, you'll learn more about how to play the game and get money.

  • Remember To Place Markers On The Map
  • Money Is Power In Liberty City
  • The Game Ain't Called Grand Theft Auto For Nothing
  • Go On A Murdering Rampage
  • Abuse The Save Button
Discover How To Get Money In GTA: Liberty City Stories
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Remember To Place Markers On The Map

Playing GTA: Liberty City Stories can quickly turn into you becoming a murder and getting chased by cops. Most of the time, I've spent playing the game trying to dodge police cars in and out of the city. 

You don't want to get caught by the cops, so the best way to avoid this from happening is to study the map and highlight the places where you want to go. I can place a marker on the map to tell me where I want to go based on my current position. 

I find this very helpful in dodging some cops along the way or if I am doing my missions with some cops on my tail.

Get Your Weapons Fast

The world of GTA can get violent very fast. There are moments in this game where I would have to seek shelter from all the bullets flying around, and that's just the first hour of the game. 

You have two choices in this game. You can either play the game and finish each mission or join the mayhem and chaos. I'd say get your weapons as soon as possible to join the fun and cause some raucous. 

However, to get the best weapons in the game, you'll have to learn how to earn some cash.

Money Is Power In Liberty City

Money is the root of all evil, they say, but in GTA: Liberty City Stories, it is the root of life. Money is what makes the world of GTA go round.

Discover How To Get Money In GTA: Liberty City Stories
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It is the lifeline of the city, and it gives players the power to rule over the entire metropolis. However, money is far less easy to find in GTA: Liberty City Stories than many of you might know. 

Here are some ways for you to gather enough money to help you throughout the entire game.

Finish More Missions

Probably the best way to earn money in GTA: Liberty City Stories, in my opinion, is to finish missions. Not only do I progress in the game, but I also uncover the main storyline and get more money at the same time. 

Usually, after completing a set of missions, I get a few thousand dollars and even more if I have some side missions waiting to be finished. The best part is that I can also redo different missions to earn more money. 

However, I advise that you be careful with doing missions all over again. Several missions are not worth doing again because of the expenses you'll make. I always choose my missions wisely and always consider the amount of cash I earn for each mission.

The Game Ain't Called Grand Theft Auto For Nothing.

It comes as no surprise that in a game called Grand Theft Auto, I could steal a lot of vehicles and then sell them for money. Just like in the real world, this game allows you to grab a car and sell it to the highest bidder.

Discover How To Get Money In GTA: Liberty City Stories
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The quickest way to get some cash in the game is to steal some bikes and sell them. I would rather recommend selling bikes than cars as they often have the same value. Just make sure you don't dent or bump the bikes so they will retain their value. 

Again, be sure that when you steal these vehicles, you try to avoid getting caught or cause a lot of commotion. Simply knock the driver out, get into the car, and drive away as fast as you can.

Scrap Some Cars Instead

There's a reason why I mentioned selling bikes instead of cars before. That's because cars provide much more value when you take them to the crusher. I steal some cars once in a while and then drive them over to the scrapyard. 

I then dump the car into the crusher, which pays a good amount of money. Additionally, if you unlock the scrapheap challenge, you'll be able to earn more. 

Finish the scrapheap challenge by finding a bike within the scrapyard, and you're good to go.

Go On A Murdering Rampage

Whenever I am short of cash in the game, there are always other people that carry money with them. The best way to get this cash is to kill the nearest civilian, and they will drop money.

Discover How To Get Money In GTA: Liberty City Stories
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Just make sure to pick it up and ensure that you do the killing as discreetly as possible to avoid getting the attention of the cops. While the amount of each kill varies, I would rather murder a few more people just for the fun of it and collect as much cash as possible. 

To avoid getting seen by other people, I suggest you stalk the underground subway for bystanders and try to use brute force instead of guns. Guns require the use of ammo which can use up my resources. 

A samurai sword or a chainsaw is better for murdering people in the game as it immediately kills them.

Avoid Cops As Much As Possible

You may have the time of your life causing mayhem and death all over the game, but I would suggest that you keep on the down-low. The reason behind this is whenever I would cause chaos in the streets of Liberty City; it would draw attention from the cops, who would then start shooting at me. 

The rule of thumb here is to never get arrested or, worse, get killed by the cops. This is why I'm always careful when murdering people for cash. Always be discreet with your crime, and cops will be off your back. 

I make sure to monitor my star rating and see to it that it does not go up to 2. Having a 4 to 5-star rating would immediately tag you as a high-profile criminal, and cops would immediately descend on you whenever you show up on the streets.

Abuse The Save Button 

Dying in GTA is equivalent to restarting your current set of missions all over again. Yes, it can be very painful to start all over, but at the very least, I don't have to start from the beginning. Most players will have to settle on and get used to dying a lot in this game.

Discover How To Get Money In GTA: Liberty City Stories
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I know it's pretty frustrating, but it is part of the game. If you do die, you'll end up in the hospital, and there will be a taxi waiting at the exit to take you back to the mission dealer. The best way to avoid all of this from happening is to save your game before setting out to finish the mission. 

This has helped me save a lot of time in the game. Learn to abuse the save button, and you'll find yourself avoiding death.

Get Them Off Your Tail

Whenever you cause mayhem in this game, you'll end up getting chased by cops. This can delay your mission and even run the risk of getting arrested or dying in the game. There are many ways to avoid getting killed or losing the cops. 

One good tip that I've discovered from playing countless other GTA games is to paint your vehicle with a new color. Yes, this might cost you a bit more, but you'll find yourself free from those pesky cops. 

Another great way to lose the cops is to bribe them. Police bribes are indicated with an icon that looks like a police badge. It will reduce your threat level or star rating, so make sure to play your cards right.


I've had a lot of fun playing GTA: Liberty City Stories on my mobile device. It plays much like the classic GTA games with its storyline, gameplay, and graphics. I hope the tips given above would help you earn more money and play the game better.

GTA: Liberty City Stories is now available for download on all mobile devices. Download the game through the Google Play Store and the App Store now.