Alchemy Stars - How to Unlock New Characters

Ever since Alchemy Stars was announced, I was beyond excited about this gacha-based mobile RPG's unique characters. The game features some of the best anime-style artwork and has the most appealing set of characters in any RPG on mobile. 

However, Alchemy Stars is also quite complex when it comes to combat and strategy. Synergy is the name of the game when it comes to playing Alchemy Stars. 

Each character has unique abilities which makes drafting a team more complicated. In order to draft a great team, you will first need to know how to unlock new characters and more with my guide below. Read on!

  • Getting Started
  • Get to Know the Different Classes
  • Summoning New Characters in Alchemy Stars
  • Introducing the Best Characters in Alchemy Stars: Tile Converters
  • Don't Forget the Supports
Alchemy Stars - How to Unlock New Characters
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Getting Started

In Alchemy Stars, you get to collect different characters and summon them to battle. These heroes are called Aurorians and have special abilities alongside different elements that make up the entire character.


Each character will have their assigned element and these elements will be the entire focus of the game. 

The elements will play a huge role in both combat and how each Aurorian progresses in the game.

Understanding the Currencies

The currencies used in this game were quite confusing to me at first especially during the first few hours of playing. However, pay close attention to the different currencies in Alchemy Stars as these are highly valuable resources you can use to unlock new characters in the game. 


Nightium is the basic currency that is commonly used to upgrade equipment and purchase new items at the shop as well as level up my Aurorians. Lumamber is the premium currency used to buy stamina, flares, and exclusive premium items at the Lumamber store. 

Star Flares are the most crucial currency as it is used to summon Aurorians in the gacha system. Lastly, Jasper is used to leveling up different units.

Get to Know the Different Classes

There are four main classes at play in Alchemy Stars. Each of these classes will highly affect your game and will provide a very good strategic standpoint for the player.

Alchemy Stars - How to Unlock New Characters
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Converters are Aurorians that can change their tiles, Detonators and Snipers are the two main damage classes in the game. 

Meanwhile, Supports are the healing class in the game. Each character in the game falls under these four classes and it is up to you how you can make these characters work together

I suggest making your team as diverse as possible with the right amount of Detonators and Snipers alongside Tile Converters and Supports. This should give your team a higher chance of winning battles.

The Crucial Role of Elements

Each Aurorian will be able to command a single element. In this portion, I'm going to further discuss the elements in the game and how they affect each other. 

There are four main elements that are currently in play. These are water, fire, thunder, and wood. Water counters fire and fire counters wood. Wood counters thunder while thunder can counter water and the cycle continues. 

Based on experience, water is a well-balanced element and is always the best element for beginners. Fire provides the highest damage while wood is a bit in-between.

Summoning New Characters in Alchemy Stars

To summon new characters or Aurorians in Alchemy Stars, I usually do this through the Recruit button found at the lower right corner of the screen.

Alchemy Stars - How to Unlock New Characters
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Players must first gather enough Star Flares to make sure that I can afford the best roll for my target Aurorian. At the start of the game, I can summon up to 21 times with a very good discount through the use of Lumambers. 

I can usually summon up to 10 through the Beginners Banner. The Beginners Banner is another place where I can perform a summon. 

Afterward, the game opens up more and I'm introduced to the rarity system. The rarer the summon, the more powerful they become. 

Performing a Reroll

There were countless times that I did not like the outcome of the roll that I got with the gacha system. Sometimes, the Aurorian that I got was not the one that I like or simply because the Aurorian has a very low rating. 

The good thing is that you can always do a reroll but only at the start of the game. Make sure that you start the game using a dummy account for the times that the first summons you make aren't as interesting or powerful as you want. 

You can always log out from the game, log in using a new email address and start over. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the characters that you have pulled.

Introducing the Best Characters in Alchemy Stars: Tile Converters

The best team in the game will always come from a team made up of different characters that synergize well with each other. 

Alchemy Stars - How to Unlock New Characters
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While many might want to argue about the rarity of each Aurorian as the basis for strength, there are a lot of lower rating Aurorians that do well in battle when they are in a team that synergizes well.

One of the best tile converters in the game has to be Eicy. Eicy converts the five nearest green or blue tiles into red which makes for an interesting synergy with damage dealers in the game. Her passive skill also deals true damage on a percentage of the damage done by chain abilities which also recovers her HP.

Other tile converters that I find to be a great addition to the team are Hiiro who can convert any tile into green and Charon who can reset non-red tiles near her.

My Recommended Damage Dealing Aurorians

If you plan on dealing some extreme damage to your opponents, I highly suggest picking up Sharona. What's great about Sharona is that she can teleport from one tile to another and deals damage upon arrival to the surrounding tiles. 

Michael is another great damage dealer who can teleport to specific locations that deal damage and upon arrival will deal extra percent damage depending on the health of the enemy. His passive skill also deals damage equal to a certain percent of the enemy's health. 

Faust is a great addition to the Fire teams with his disruption skill. At the start of each round, he inflicts a debuff to the enemies causing them to be frightened, and when killed deals percent damage equal to the surrounding enemy's health.

Don't Forget the Supports

Supports are always underestimated in Alchemy Stars. Not only do they provide good defensive buffs but they also sustain my team especially in critical situations.

Alchemy Stars - How to Unlock New Characters
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Raphael acts like a converter but is ultimately played as a support. She can reset all the blue tiles back and increase the chances of blue tiles in the game. However, what truly makes her shine as support is her ability to heal the team from her attack and the number of blue tiles on the map. 

Considering her ability to reset blue tiles, she is a very useful support in the game. Additionally, the lower the team's HP, the more effective her heals become, up to a 100% bonus. This alone makes her a very formidable healer that every player should have on their team.

Bethlehem is another great support in the game. She uses a shield based on her maximum health and buffs other water Aurorians in the game if she can sustain the shield during combat.

More Characters to Add to Your Team

Brock is another useful Fire Aurorian in the game with the help of his active skill. Whenever I get to pull Brock, I immediately put him in my main team because of the skill that allows him to pull all enemies on the board towards a certain position while also dealing a good amount of damage.

Carleen is a 6-star Aurorian that is commonly used to disrupt the entire enemy team. She can teleport to a certain location in the board and she immediately deals damage in a column and knocks enemies back

Whenever she attacks a debuffed enemy, her normal attacks deal extra damage and make them even more vulnerable.


Alchemy Stars offer a variety of characters to choose from, each with unique abilities and effects that I can always take advantage of especially if I want to build a certain elemental theme within a team. Hopefully, the character recommendations above will help you create a good team that will help you become more successful in the game.

The game is now available for download on mobile devices. Check it out at the Google Play Store if you use an Android device or the Apple App Store for users of iOS devices. Downloading the game is free though in-app purchases may be a feature.