uBeeJoy has Started Pre-Registration of new JRPG Adventure Mobile Game "Astral Chronicles"

Hello Mobile Gamers, uBeeJoy is going to release its new Fantastic JRPG Adventure mobile game "Astral Chronicles" very soon, and pre-registration for it has already been started. Talking about the game, this is an anime aesthetic in which you immerse yourself in a world where dark and obscure power is seeking to destroy everything.

As the game start you get to choose your hero, so there are 50+ legendary heroes of unique personalities and stories, which are divided into 5 different and highly customizable classes ranging from Warrior, Guardian, Ranger, Sorcerer and Chanter. Your experience depends upon the your choice of heroes.But this game allow you to shift from one class to other anytime you want to build a new lineup and want to do something to turn the tides of battle with the tactical gameplay. You can learn more than 200 unique skills from your heroes by mastering them.


It can be assumed that the battle system of the Astral Chronicles is one of the interesting thing in the game. In this game your heroes fight automatically but you have to use the special skills of your heroes in the complicated situations. For doing this you need to make some specific signs on the screen of your mobile device, so you have to be fast and precise in the game's battles.

Astral Chronicles is a fantasy RPG that you will fall in love with. A title where you can recruit more than 50 different heroes through the gacha system.


Click here to Pre-Register on TapTap

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