Discover How To Get Coins In Cat Quest

Whether you are fond of cats or into role-playing games, Cat Quest is the ultimate game that will tickle your fancy with cats. 


This adorable game made rounds over the internet a few years ago with its amazing gameplay and big open world, as well as epic battles. 

While many might think that Cat Quest is a simple, uncomplicated game, it does have its fair share of complexities and challenging quests. Here are some tips, including how to get coins and more with the guide below.

  • Explore The Game
  • Earn Gold Coins And Experience By Doing Side Quests
  • Avoid Taking Damage
  • Learn Spell Combos
  • A Full Circle Adventure
Discover How To Get Coins In Cat Quest
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Explore The Game

Cat Quest might have a cat as the protagonist of the game, but apart from the cute hero, the game offers more than just cute and fun graphics.

The game is an RPG at its core. I can roam around and explore the large map, and the game does have its moments of difficulty, especially when it comes to accomplishing different quests and side quests. However, what I do like in this game is the ability to explore uncharted areas

I find myself having to discover different areas at first before finishing the quests. However, exploring makes for a really fun time, and I can uncover loots and treasures that I can use to survive in the game. 

With so many items and gear, hunting can be very fun. Finishing quests and getting all the rewards will only help make my cat grow stronger. So make sure to explore the game.

Take It Slow

The best part about Cat Quest is the game's massive world. There are a lot of things to explore and places to discover in this game. I've tried to travel the vast world of Cat Quest, and there is always something new to discover. 

And while many players would want to rush through the storyline of the game to finish it, I would rather recommend that you try to slow down a bit and experience the game outside of its story and explore. This is because there are still so many things to do in the game apart from finishing the main quest. 

There are a lot of storylines to follow and side quests to finish. Explore different areas on the map, take risks in dungeons, take on large monsters and bosses to get rewards. Take the time to experience the other side of Cat Quest.

Earn Gold Coins And Experience By Doing Side Quests

Gold coins are one of the most important resources in Cat Quest. Having gold coins means I can upgrade my gear and protect my character from damage. This also allows me to make my cat stronger and survive for as long as possible.

Discover How To Get Coins In Cat Quest
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These coins are also needed during battle and are essential for winning more games. The more games I win, the more experience points I get. However, I would suggest that you finish all side quests to earn more gold coins and experience points. 

The main storyline does provide a good amount of rewards, but it's in these side quests that the game doesn't hesitate with the rewards. Earn more gold coins and experience by finishing all the side quests that you can find. 

In the end, you'll have a stronger cat that can face different monsters and even bring down bosses without breaking a sweat.

Track Your Progress

With so many quests and side quests to do in the game, it can be tough to keep up with all the missions. Therefore, make sure that you track your progress so you can have the motivation to keep on playing the game. 

I've tracked the progress of each task that I have come across, and it does seem to be very difficult to do. However, what I usually do is I immediately get all the rewards and achievements that I've to get from finishing all the tasks. 

This should clear up the list of quests that I need to finish allowing me to progress into the game much faster and keep track of it.

Avoid Taking Damage

If there is one thing that everyone needs to know about Cat Quest, it's that the cats in this game don't have nine lives. Health is an essential aspect of the game, and once you have none left, the game is over. The world of Cat Quest is very brutal, even with its cute animated graphics.

Discover How To Get Coins In Cat Quest
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Make sure to be careful when dealing with monsters. Some monsters lurk in the dark that cannot wait to pounce on your character. Pick up a health potion or two and regenerate all the lost health from battle by having a catnap. 

Apart from that, I also equip my character with the strongest and toughest armor that I can find to give it a bit of defense and a little boost of health. There are so many ways to avoid taking damage in this game that it would be next to impossible to get your health low. 

However, make sure that you are ready whenever you are about to take on larger monsters or bosses. 

Train For Boss Fights

Try to avoid critical damage at all costs; you should be ready for the inevitable boss fights in this game. Unfortunately, cat Quest has many bosses that you need to fight to progress through the game.

With so many bosses scattered worldwide, it can be very hard to train and deal with every boss. This is why I would suggest training specific cats for specific bosses in the game. Then, build your cats with gear and spells that will deal with certain types of bosses in the game. 

Of course, I won't be able to train a cat for each boss, but you should categorize these bosses and train a cat with specific skills, equipment, and strategy in dealing with these bosses.

Learn Spell Combos

Like many other games, Cat Quest incorporates different skill or spell combos. Spell combos can be achieved by stringing different types of spells towards the enemy.

Discover How To Get Coins In Cat Quest
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This is one of the skills that many players should learn from the get-go. Spell combos will help you defeat enemies faster. It is best to practice these spells first before you head into combat. 

With so many spells to choose from, you can always work on your combos and make them unique. 

Just make sure that there are different spell combos in your arsenal to deal with as many types of enemies as possible.

Abuse This Spell

Probably the most powerful spell that I have ever encountered in this game is Flamepurr. Flamepurr ignites the target and deals a massive amount of damage. 

After that, a damage-over-time effect will occur, causing more damage and lowering the defenses of the target enemy. This should make them vulnerable to your other spells making them more potent. 

This is another reason why you should be learning more about spell combos. For example, whenever I have Flamepurr, I always start my combo with this spell to soften them up and then defeat them with massive spell combos.

A Full Circle Adventure

With so many quests to finish, Cat Quest will truly take up a lot of your time. However, once you finish all of them, it is time to do something very different. There comes a time in the game where I will get a skill that allows me to walk on water.

Discover How To Get Coins In Cat Quest
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This ability would allow me to travel across different regions and places where I have been to. It's a fun skill that I can use to quickly move from one area to another. 

It is pretty useful whenever some tasks and missions involve going to different areas on the map, especially when there are large bodies of water. 

However, there is one thing that this skill is being used for. It is to go back to the start. Go back to where it all started and discover new and surprising rewards and adventures waiting for you.

Get The Golden Key

The Golden Key is one of the most prized rewards in the entire game. A lot of players have wanted to find the Golden Key, which can be pretty elusive. The Golden Key is used to open all the quests in the game and open all the golden chests that I have found. 

Opening the golden chests would also mean that I receive more coins, experience, and many other rewards in the game. While it can be challenging to find the Golden Key, I'll tell you how. First, you need to make sure you reach Pawt City and complete all story quests. 

Since you have learned how to walk on water, go back to the start and get to the wrecked ship until you see an island. Then, go to the island and into a dungeon and defeat at least five Mimics to get the Golden Key.


These tips will generally help you through most areas in the game. However, it is still up to you to define your fate and carve out your path in Cat Quest. The game still has a lot to offer, even if you have finished the main storyline.

Check out the game at the Google Play Store or the App Store for your mobile device and Steam for your PC.