Pokemon Masters: Beginners Guide, Tips & Tricks

Pokemon based games have made an important place in the gaming community. DeNA has recently released a brand new series, Pokemon Masters, to hit the mobile devices. This game is totally different from what we used to see in the previous Pokemon Games. Not only the Pokemon, but the trainers too can be collected to increase your power. We have tried to collect a few guidelines for Pokemon Masters to help you throughout the game.


Get the Best for a Job

Three trainers simultaneously deploy their Pokemon in the battles, you must be thinking to use all the characters equally to win. But that's not the case; the valid strategy would be to use your most vigorous character attack exclusively. This is because the recharging move bar at the bottom left of your screen is for the whole team rather than particular Pokemon. If the enemies are weak against one of your Pokemon, say Pikachu, then attacking repeatedly by Pikachu will end the battle quickly.

Attacking the Enemies

Pokemon Maters has a unique mechanism, but it's very common to accidentally click another pokemon that you don't want to attack, wasting your special abilities. So, before you attack, double click the Pokemon so that your attack goes on the right target. This might seem unimportant, but when an enemy faints, the game automatically selects the enemy that doesn't make sense to attack your Pokemon. This can cause trouble in close win matches.

Accomplish Training Missions

After playing Pokemon Masters for some time, you'll unlock the Training Category; you can access this in the Explore Menu. They are not linked with the actual story but are optional objectives that give you better gaming experience. You have a great chance to unlock advanced power-up items. You can also upgrade your trainer level, before proceeding to difficult story content battles. No doubt, some of these will give you nightmares to complete, but try to visit the Training to check what different missions you can accomplish with the current team of Pokemons.


Don't Skip to Claim Your Mission Rewards

Yes, you do get Mission Rewards on completing quests in the game. It's always easy to just roll through the storyline, but sometimes players forget to head back to the home screen and check for the rewards on the Right Corner of the screen. Don't worry about rushing through those missions; take your time. Moreover, you can also complete the Daily Missions as well as General Missions. On completion, your rewards would generally be gems and other Level-up-manuals. You'll need them in the later stages of the game.

Focus on a Trainer

When you have completed several missions in the Pokemon Masters with a particular trainer, it is evident that it will outshine other trainers present in your lineup. The trainer will level up more than other trainers. Generally, this is not a good thing in the main role-playing Pokemon games, but eventually, it doesn't matter in the Masters because it's quite easy to level up your trainers. Even if your trainers are under level, you can probably upgrade them slowly, but surely.

Syncing your Moves

During the battle, if you feel that things are not going as per your plan, you can always pull out your secret weapon- Sync Move. Unlike the standard attacks that you use, the Sync Moves can only be performed after you have completed a certain number of attacks in the same battle. Make sure to attack the Pokemon's weakness with the Sync Move. Don't let the power bar overflow the limit, as it will not help you gain much of the Sync Moves, rather ticker it down to zero as quickly as possible.


Pokemon Masters is available to download on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.