Tribal Wars - Learn How to Get Coins

Tribal Wars is a complex strategy game where I have to manage my resources, recruit troops, defend my village, attack another player, conduct research, upgrade my weapons, and more. 


With so many things to do in just a little time, it can be very difficult for new players to keep up with the changing landscape of the game. 

I've come up with a small guide so you can follow through with some of the basic steps needed to find success in the game. In this guide, I'll teach you how to play better, how to get coins, among other tactics to succeed. Let's go.

  • Take Advantage of the Early Game
  • Prioritize Resource Production
  • Focus on City Development
  • Using Defensive Troops
  • Where to Get Gold Coins
  • Build Walls for Protection
Tribal Wars - Learn How to Get Coins
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Take Advantage of the Early Game

The early game or the building phase of Tribal Wars is one of the crucial stages of the game. New players might always want to conquer nearby lands immediately but I would rather tell you to focus on your village first.

Learn how to gather resources first and build your village. Research, upgrade and fortify your town for the upcoming battles that you are about to face. Don't worry too much about getting attacked by other players. 

They can only attack and take over your village once you have a nobleman. Since it is one of the most expensive recruits in the game, it will take some time before players can take over your village. Take this time to ramp up your defenses, recruit troops, build, and get rich.

Don't Upgrade Your Village Just Yet

Here's my take on upgrading your village headquarters early in the game - don't upgrade it just yet. The village headquarters is one of the last few structures in the game that you should be dealing with. 

Avoid upgrading your village headquarters too early in the game. The reason behind this is that the speed of constructing buildings remains the same. 

You might as well use the resources and the option to unlock other buildings that are helpful to your game instead of upgrading the village headquarter for no useful reason.

Prioritize Resource Production

If there is one thing that new players should always prioritize in the early game it's resource production. The moment you launch into the game, the first thing that comes to mind should always be where to find resources.

Tribal Wars - Learn How to Get Coins
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There are a lot of resources used in this game. Most of them are easily produced. Many might think that constructing resource buildings is the way to go. But the best option to produce the resources that you need is farming. 

This will require you to monitor your farms thus you have to be online in the game most of the time. But I tell you, active farming is the way to go. It will produce a lot of resources quickly and allow you to thrive much better in this game.

Create Offers Through the Market

Farming and other resource buildings will help you generate income and resources in this game. I would also suggest that you keep an eye on the market. 

The market is a great place to create offers for other players. This makes a wonderful opportunity for you to gain resources that you are not yet able to produce. Trading is the name of the game when it comes to the market. 

Be sure to check out all the available offers before you make a decision. See what your options are and then use them to your advantage.

Focus on City Development

While resource and troop production is key to your victory, one aspect of the game that I found to be very understated is city development

Tribal Wars - Learn How to Get Coins
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Many people set goals to recruit as many troops as possible or produce resources to get richer. However, never make the mistake of neglecting to develop your city

There are a lot of buildings that you can construct that will help you in this game. The Academy helps educate noblemen that will help you attack other villages. 

The Smithy is another structure where you can research and upgrade your weapons to make them better. Another great building to construct is the Hiding Place where you can stash your resources so they won't be plundered by the enemy.

Join Tribes

Joining tribes is essential in Tribal Wars. I suggest joining an active Tribe where you get to meet other players, exchange resources, learn new strategies, and more information in the game. 

Never forget to join a Tribe especially once you have fully established your village. Don't try to join a tribe early on in the game as it will not be useful for you. 

You gain a lot of knowledge in the game once you join an active tribe. Remember, information is key in the game of Tribal Wars. Use every bit of information to your advantage.

Using Defensive Troops

I usually do not want to put heavy emphasis on recruiting defensive troops. There is certainly no amount of defensive troops that would be able to withstand some powerful players.

Tribal Wars - Learn How to Get Coins
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What I do instead is make good use of the defensive troops in battle. They are very good at protecting other troops when I go on the offense. Some players might prefer the turtle strategy where they try to withstand as many attacks as possible. 

However, it is quite detrimental to new players who are trying to come up with resources. The turtle strategy can only be successful once you have enough placement within the game.

Attack with Offensive Troops

What I recommend for new players to go for is to attack using offensive troops. Make sure to recruit some of the best troops including swordsmen, ax fighters, and archers. 

You may also recruit a few cavalries if you have enough resources. Never forget to have some siege units as well. They make sieging and attacking other villages very easy.

Where to Get Gold Coins

What's unique about Tribal Wars is that gold coins are made from different resources in the game. Previously known as packs, they are equivalent to 40,000 wood, 50,000 clay, and 50,000 iron. This will produce 1 gold coin and my first nobleman costs around 1 gold coin.

Tribal Wars - Learn How to Get Coins
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The next time I want to buy a nobleman, it would now cost 2 gold coins. I know it's a bit difficult and takes a lot of time to get gold coins in this game hence it is one of the most highly regarded resources in the game. 

You might be wondering what is the purpose of noblemen in this game. Players can only take over a village if they have a nobleman with them. 

Another key tip that I want to share with you is to loot nearby villages and see if you can get some gold coins from them as well.

Complete Quests

Another way to get gold coins in this game apart from attacking another village and using your resources is to complete quests

There are a lot of quests that can be done within a few hours especially in the early stages of the game. Most of these quests simply require you to build something within your village or do some tasks. 

Some of them might even ask you to come up with some resources. A lot of these quests are fairly easy to complete so prioritize finishing them to get more gold coins.

Build Walls for Protection

The most fundamental aspect of protecting your village is to build a wall around it. Walls are your basic protection structures against incoming attack units from other players.

Tribal Wars - Learn How to Get Coins
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These walls often help delay attackers and even kill a few of them as they attack your village. 

Make sure that building walls are part of your to-do list. 

Don't Attack Active Players

Once you have recruited enough attacking units, there are a few things that I would like to share first before your first battle. Check the map first and choose a realistic target depending on the size and power of your army. 

Make sure that you can beat the other player with your forces. If not, go for the inactive players on the map. Find a good balance between attacking a weak enemy and inactive villages. 

Pillage them for resources. Abandoned villages are a no-go. Make sure that when you attack a village it has at least 1,500 points. 


These are just some of the few tips that I can share with you when playing Tribal Wars. Tribal Wars is a complex game of resource management and strategic plays. Always make sure to adapt to the ever-changing gameplay of Tribal Wars lest you become a victim of attacking players.

Tribal Wars is currently available for download on mobile devices at the Google Play Store and the App Store. The game is also available on PC via Steam.