How To Get Money And Ammo In Zombie Gunship

There is a good number of reasons why Zombie Gunship is taking the mobile gaming community by storm. Its action-packed gameplay and its amazing graphics are just a few of the many reasons why this mobile game has gained immense popularity. 


For many, this might be a zombie shooter game, but it is one of the best in the genre for dedicated fans.

Zombie Gunship puts you right into the action as you shoot down zombies, free civilians, and keep the entire region safe. Find out more about Zombie Gunship and learn how you can play with the tips given below.

  • Critically-Acclaimed Zombie Shooter
  • Building Your Base
  • Upgrading Your Weapons
  • Understanding Each Gun
  • Be Careful With Upgrade Options
  • Take Out The Large Zombies First
How To Get Money And Ammo In Zombie Gunship
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Critically-Acclaimed Zombie Shooter

Zombie Gunship is a mobile zombie shooter game that immediately puts you into action as you take control of a gunship. You are tasked with firing your powerful gun to eliminate hordes of zombies and help evacuate the civilians.

How To Get Money And Ammo In Zombie Gunship
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IGN and Forbes praised the game as one of the most intense zombie action shooter games.

In Zombie Gunship, I can use the radar from the ship to detect zombies and prevent them from invading the base. There are also different missions and objectives in each round, so there's always a lot of things to do in this game. 

I also get to choose different weapons, including a Gatling Gun, a 40mm Bofors Auto-Cannon, and a 105mm Howitzer Cannon. Each of these weapons can also be upgraded to increase its power and deal more damage.

Downloading Zombie Gunship

Zombie Gunship is currently available for all mobile devices, including Android and iOS. Download the game through the Google Play Store or the App Store

One great feature of the game is that I can save my games through cloud storage, and then I can continue my progress on another device. Make sure to set up your cloud storage after downloading the game.

Building Your Base

After downloading the game, launch Zombie Gunship, and it will lead you to the main tutorial. I highly recommend that you go through the tutorial to understand the mechanics and objectives of the game. 

The first thing that I noticed is that the tutorial has taught me how to build my base, select the weapons needed for battle, and finish different missions. 

The tutorial has also given me loads of information about weapon upgrades and what these different weapons can do after I completed the upgrade. I'll talk more about them later on in the article.

Play The Campaign

Once the tutorial was completed, I was able to play the campaign. Only one mission was available initially, but it is very easy to finish since I played it in Easy Mode. The same mission can also be played again if you want to challenge yourself on another difficulty level. 

I would suggest playing the missions again on a higher level to gain more experience and money. There are a lot of objectives in the game. One of which is to save as many civilians as possible from the horde of zombies without killing the civilians in the process. 

The mission will fail if I kill up to three civilians or get a zombie into the bunker where the civilians are meant to be safe. The ultimate goal of the game is to eliminate as many zombies as possible. 

Upgrading Your Weapons

In playing the game, you will be part of different missions. Each mission will have different rewards. As soon as you rack up a good amount of money, you might be tempted to immediately upgrade your weapons.

How To Get Money And Ammo In Zombie Gunship
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However, I'm afraid I disagree with upgrading your weapons in this early stage of the game. It is best to keep your money and save it for later on. You will need all the money that you have to upgrade to the best weapon later in the game.

There are certain upgrades that are far more important to your survival. So rather than spending your money on upgrades for the lower-level weapons, save the money until you can buy and upgrade a great weapon. 

Earn Money And Ammo

Speaking of money, you can earn money by simply killing zombies. For each zombie that you kill, you collect a certain amount of money. 

However, there is one good technique that I've learned that will help increase the amount of money I earn from killing zombies. At the Extra Upgrades menu, there is an option that you can choose called Zombie Bounty Upgrade. 

This should be the only upgrade that you make early on. This allows me to increase the money I get from each zombie kill. Soon, you'll be able to afford upgrades and more ammo that would be beneficial later in the game.

Understanding Each Gun

There are up to three different guns that I can use in Zombie Gunship. Each of them has different uses depending on the situation. 

How To Get Money And Ammo In Zombie Gunship
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For players who want to have an accurate shot, the 25mm Gatling Gun should be your go-to weapon, especially if you are out there trying to save civilians and avoid accidentally killing them. 

The 105mm Howitzer is excellent for large groups of zombies, while the 40mm Bofors Gun is the well-rounded weapon of the bunch. 

I tend to use the Bofors Gun for almost everything since it has all the things I need to kill zombies without harming civilians. However, if I do want to be more accurate, the Gatling Gun should do fine.

Switch Guns As Much As Possible

Whenever you run out of ammo and want to reload a specific gun, you can switch to another gun and start firing while the other gun is reloading. 

This was one of the lessons that I've learned the hard way while playing this game. You can take out more zombies and monsters if you keep on switching between guns. 

Just make sure that you time them correctly, as some of the guns take a while to reload.

Be Careful With Upgrade Options

There are four different ways to upgrade your guns. You can choose between upgrading your damage radius, your reload speed, rate of fire, and your bullet velocity.

How To Get Money And Ammo In Zombie Gunship
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Damage radius increases the radius where you can deal damage, reload speed makes reloading faster and easier, rate of fire determines how many bullets the gun unloads to your enemies, and bullet velocity entails the speed of the bullets. 

Be careful with damage radius as it can be the cause of civilian deaths. Higher damage is the best upgrade that you can make; while you may want to shoot down enemies with a larger radius, you might end up hitting civilians as well. 

I tend to upgrade my damage radius last.

Help The Civilians

Now that we've mentioned civilians, it is very critical that you guide them to the bunker as fast as possible. Every civilian that you rescue means more money and ammo for you. 

Sometimes, they can be troublesome to escort, especially when a fight breaks out. 

When you see a zombie munching on a civilian, it is best to skip that civilian and focus your aim on the zombies. It doesn't matter anymore as the civilian will soon turn into a zombie, and you can then shoot them.

Take Out The Large Zombies First

By killing a few hundred zombies, the game will automatically release a few more zombies into the field.

How To Get Money And Ammo In Zombie Gunship
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These large zombies are pretty tricky to kill. Remember that it only takes one zombie to enter the bunker for the game to be over. With these hulking zombies rushing in, it can be quite challenging to shoot them down. 

I usually use the Gatling Gun instead of the other high-powered guns in the game. The Gatling Gun's aim is more accurate and provides short bursts of damage that can easily take out these large zombies.

Do Not Wait For The Zombies To Group Up

You might be tempted to wait until the zombies form into large groups before firing at them. I know it's very satisfying to blow up a large bunch of zombies and be in awe of the spectacle of flying body parts. 

I would advise you not to wait until they group up. Start firing at them at the earliest time to keep them away from the bunker. Having them in groups means some stragglers might escape the onslaught, which can prove to be problematic. 

You might also be distracted by the large group and forget about the other smaller groups that have formed. Always be sure to start killing zombies the moment they pop up. 


Zombie Gunship is not easy as it seems. You might be prepared for the mayhem that's to come with all the zombie hordes, but nothing will prepare you for the action that comes with killing zombies in this mobile game. I hope you get to learn something from the tips mentioned above and apply them in the game.