How to Get Diamonds on Guardians of Cloudia

Are you looking for a casual multiplayer online role-playing mobile game that doesn't revolve around heavy and complicated mechanics? You should try and download Guardians of Cloudia. 


Guardians of Cloudia is an anime-inspired MMO on mobile that lets you control cute anime characters and explore the world of Cloudia.

Prepare for a grand adventure together with your friends, build your team, challenge other players in PvP, and more. In this article, I will be teaching you the following to help you have more fun in the game and earn some diamonds along the way.

  • Understanding the Right Class
  • The Mage's Unrivaled Magic
  • Healing Teammates
  • Follow the Main Quest
  • Get More Experience, Get More Diamonds
  • Follow Social Media
How to Get Diamonds on Guardians of Cloudia
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Understanding the Right Class

Before starting your adventure over at Cloudia, make sure that you understand the different classes available to you as a player. Many of these classes involve a different playstyle. 

Some are more damage-oriented while others are support-oriented. Understanding each class means you get to choose the right one for you. 

This will also give you an idea of how you want to play the rest of the game. A complete understanding of each class is needed and you can find them below:

The Trusty Swordsman

The swordsman is a completely well-rounded character in the game. I highly recommend that new players take on the role of swordsman due to its versatility. This makes the entire class newbie-friendly. 

You might be asking why does this class offers some of the most versatile roles and recommend it to a new player? The reason behind this is that most new players want to experiment with their stats and their builds. 

The swordsman can be played in many different ways thus allowing for such experimentation to happen. Whether you want to go full DPS or go defensive, it is up to you and the swordsman is the best class to do that.

The Mage's Unrivaled Magic

If you have played a lot of RPGs before, you will know that mages are some of the most powerful damage dealers in almost any game. 

How to Get Diamonds on Guardians of Cloudia
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Mages use magic to deal tremendous amounts of damage. While they are quite frail, they make up for it by sheer damage. They also have some skills to defend themselves or keep enemies away from them. 

Mages are great for those who want to quickly level up in the game as they have some of the most powerful tools in combat. 

They are mostly paired with the tanky swordsman class so they can take the damage while the mages sling spells towards the enemy.

Shooting from Afar

Archers continue the theme of dealing damage from a distance. They are nimble and quite adept at ranged combat. Most archers would like to have distance between them and their targets as they are similarly vulnerable to attacks like the mage. 

However, archers possess different skills that would help them escape these sticky situations. They may not be as strong as others when it comes to dealing burst damage, they provide consistent damage and sometimes even surpass other classes through critical damage. 

The archer class is specifically intended for those who play solo as they are the most reliable class in the game.

Healing Teammates

If most of the classes are damage-oriented, there is one that is focused on supporting the team through heals and buffs. 

How to Get Diamonds on Guardians of Cloudia
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The Oracle is well suited for players who want to stand behind the rest of the team and just support them. I gravitate towards sustaining an entire team with heals and buffs so I am a bit biased with this class. 

Most of the advantages you get from playing Oracle is that you are always needed at parties. However, the downside is that in the early stages, you will have a difficult time leveling up but if you have friends to help you, it can be a very easy journey for you.

Ultimate Damage Dealer

Rogues are the ultimate damage dealers in Guardians of Cloudia. 

Not only do they have the most offensive skills, but they are also one of the fastest characters in the game with movement speed boosts and lightning-fast attacks that assassinate the enemy. 

Rogues are quick on their toes and can easily dodge attacks from monsters. I recommend playing Rogue for those who have fast hands to be able to combo different skills perfectly to maximize damage.

Follow the Main Quest

Now that you understand the different classes, and you have started the game with your chosen class, you might be wondering how to gain experience in the game. The most efficient way to do so is to follow the main quest

How to Get Diamonds on Guardians of Cloudia
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The main quest follows the storyline in the game. It will take you to different NPCs in the game and all you need to do is to follow the instructions of the main quests and complete all the tasks at hand. 

After completing the tasks, you will be rewarded with prizes including items and experience points by speaking to the NPC that gave you the quest. 

You can then move on to the next quest and repeat until you reach a desired level in the game.

Explore the World

The world of Guardians of Cloudia is vast. I highly suggest that you try to explore every region in the game and encounter different tasks and missions. There is a world full of PVE mode that you can challenge along the way and gain rewards. 

Hidden easter eggs are also scattered across the world so it is up to you to find them and be rewarded for your curiosity in the game. Not only will you encounter hidden easter eggs with surprises, but you also get to challenge other players in the game to see who is stronger. 

Based on experience, the more I explore the higher level maps, the more I encounter seasoned players that I intend to challenge to see how I fare in this game. Make sure to explore the world of Cloudia together with your friends and challenge other players in 1 versus 1 duels or 5 versus 5 battles.

Get More Experience, Get More Diamonds

Following the main storyline of the game will also grant you information on some aspects of the game like how to upgrade your skills, get a mount or a pet, and many other features in the game. 

How to Get Diamonds on Guardians of Cloudia
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I also suggest trying out the daily quests and other side quests in the game. Some of these quests are highly recommended if you want to get diamonds and other rewards. 

Diamonds are the in-game currency used in the in-game store for cosmetic items

Check out these quests and see if they offer premium rewards.

Take Care of Your Pet

Pets are also introduced in the game early on. I was able to get a pet in the early levels of the game. The pet accompanies you throughout all of your adventures in Cloudia. 

Many of these pets serve as a way to enhance your power in the game. Pets are classified into three different elements: Earth, Wind, and Fire. 

These pets will enhance your effectiveness in battle so always take good care of your pets by feeding them and making sure they are happy to be with you.

Follow Social Media

Guardians of Cloudia has just been recently released so there will be many events and other prizes to be given away at this stage. I make sure to follow their social media pages like Facebook and their official website to get promo codes within the game for more prizes.

How to Get Diamonds on Guardians of Cloudia
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Most of them are found on Facebook so it is best to check their page regularly. The developers are also keen on updating and providing more information about the game such as upcoming events and promos. 

These are the things that you should not miss so go ahead and follow their page right now.

Redeem Promo Codes

If you do get the promo codes from following their social media page, I suggest that you immediately redeem those codes in the game before other players can. 

Launch the game and log in to your character of choice and tap on Benefits at the upper right corner of the screen. Tap Redeem and type in the promo code then tap Exchange to receive your rewards

Try using the codes GOCTREASURE and GOC777 and see what surprises await you with these codes.


Many might say that Guardians of Cloudia is a generic multiplayer online role-playing game with its cute anime graphics and simple mechanics. However, it is the perfect casual game to play whenever you are bored or if you want to have a mobile game to share with your friends during your break. 

It doesn't need to have complex mechanics to be fun, all you need is to party with your friends and enjoy exploring the game. Guardians of Cloudia is currently available for mobile download at the Google Play Store and the App Store.