Call of Duty Mobile: The Zombie Mode Will Be Back In October?

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most successful battle royale games on mobile. The game has received tremendous response in 2020. The developers of the game recently launched Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9, and the players also loving it.


The fan-favorite Zombie Mode was one of the most exciting modes of Call of Duty: Mobile. In March 2020, the developers removed the Zombie Mode. The removal of Zombie Mode left the fans disappointed. It was the most played mode in the game.

However, it was mentioned that the Zombie Mode would return soon after some bugs fixing and improvements. The fans believed that the Zombie Mode would be back in Season 9, but to the contrary, it wasn’t available in the Season 9 update.

When will the Zombie Mode be back in COD Mobile?

According to our sources, Zombie Mode of Call of Duty: Mobile will be back in October 2020. There is no official confirmation from the developers of the game. However, our sources have dug deep and bought in exciting news for the fans.

The Zombie Mode Comeback can be a part of the Anniversary Celebration of Call of Duty: Mobile. The anniversary month will begin from 1st October 2020, and this is where we expect the Zombie Mode to come back into the game for the players.

The Twitter Account of Call of Duty: Mobile had earlier tweeted that Zombie Mode is improving and will be back with the Anniversary Celebration. This confirms the release date or the time when Call of Duty: Mobile (COD Mobile) Zombie mode returns.

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