Find Out How To Get Rewards In Ludo Party

Playing Ludo during my childhood years has always been my favorite pastime. Now that times have changed, I've missed playing the game with my friends. 


Fortunately, I was able to download Ludo Party and I also told my friends about it, and now, we get to play Ludo again during our spare time at work.

Are you interested in learning more about Ludo Party and how to play Ludo properly? Check out my guide below.

  • Playing Ludo
  • Winning The Game
  • Practice Offline
  • Tricks To Use When Playing Ludo Party
  • Learn To Be Patient
  • Win More Games
  • More Features Coming Soon
Find Out How To Get Rewards In Ludo Party
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Playing Ludo

Ludo is based on an ancient Indian game called Pachisi. It has been adopted in Western cultures, but the original gameplay still revolves around the pieces trying to move around the board.

Find Out How To Get Rewards In Ludo Party
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Nothing has changed since then, hence the reason why Ludo continues to be one of the most played board games globally. 

With Ludo Party, I can now play the game at any convenient time and invite my friends for a couple of games without being physically present. 

I can now challenge my friends to different levels or challenge other players from all over the world through the Ludo mobile game. 

Play Ludo Party

To play Ludo Party, each player will have to take turns in moving their pieces. Each turn will always be in a clockwise order, and the player with the highest throw of the die will start the game. 

In each throw, the player will decide which piece they would like to move depending on the number that was thrown. If there is no space for the piece to move around, the player will automatically pass. 

Players who can move their piece across another player's piece will have that piece returned to the starting point. If the same colored piece lands together, they form a block that does not allow any other piece to pass.

Winning The Game

Winning in Ludo Party is challenging. At first, I had no idea what the game's goal was, but later on, I realized there is just one simple way to win the game. 

Find Out How To Get Rewards In Ludo Party
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There are many strategies involving the use of your game pieces to win the game. However, the main objective of winning the game is to get all the pieces around the board and back into the home triangle. 

This can be pretty difficult as other players also move their pieces across the board and may block my way or worse, send my piece back to the starting point.

Play With Real Opponents

Ludo Party should be played with other players. At first, I started playing against AI bots for practice. I had to learn more about the game and develop my strategy. 

It took a while for me to understand the game and formulate my way of playing the game. However, the best way to learn the game is to play with real opponents. Experience is the key to creating your strategy. 

This is why playing against real players is the best way to win more games. In Ludo Party, I can play with either another player or play with four players in a match. I can even invite my friends or family within the app to play the game with me.

Practice Offline

One thing that I like about Ludo Party, apart from being able to play with my friends and family, is its offline mode. The game allows me to play and practice my moves offline. 

Find Out How To Get Rewards In Ludo Party
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This way, I won't reveal any of my strategies to my friends when I'm playing. This could mean that I can surprise them with different tactics when we play again.

An offline practice mode would also be useful for new players to help them understand the game better. 

While the game is pretty simple when it comes to its mechanics, some players would still want to test things out before they can join and play a game with their online friends.

Playing The Pieces

When it comes to playing Ludo Party, most new players want to focus on a single piece. They often try to use that single piece to move around the board and neglect the others still at the starting point. 

Avoid making this mistake by moving all the pieces in different locations all over the board. This would complicate the strategy employed by your opponents as well as keep things moving for your pieces. 

Moving pieces will increase your chances of killing your opponent's piece and send them back to the starting point. When you focus on one single piece, there is a high chance that your opponent will try to kill your piece, which will put you at a disadvantage. 

Tricks To Use When Playing Ludo Party

There are many tricks that you can use against your opponent when playing Ludo. Do note that you also want to block your opponents. You can't do that with just your single piece, which is another reason you should remember to use multiple pieces at a time.

Find Out How To Get Rewards In Ludo Party
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Chase your opponent's piece and see how you can block them, especially when they are near home.

Here are other tricks that you can utilize when playing Ludo Party.

The 7-Steps Rule

Practice the 7-steps rule using the offline mode. This is one of the essential tips that you will learn in this guide. Do this by predicting seven steps ahead of your opponent. 

This prevents their pieces from landing on yours. The goal here is to either take down your opponent's piece and sent it back to the starting point to gain some time for you to move your pieces. 

This also helps move your pieces faster into your home column, where they are safe from being knocked out.

Learn To Be Patient

Learn to be patient when it comes to playing this game. Whenever my pieces are already in the safe zone, and I have had a few bad rolls of the die, I usually pass on my turn and wait. 

Find Out How To Get Rewards In Ludo Party
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Waiting allows me to see how my opponents are moving their pieces. This also gives me an idea of how I would be moving my pieces strategically across the board based on their movement. 

It is better to learn how to be more patient in the game than have your pieces get sent back to the starting point.

Open Chests For Rewards

Once mastered, the game provides a lot of rewards for players who win their games. One of the best rewards is victory chests. Most of these victory chests contain various cosmetic items such as personalized dice and pieces. 

Every time I win a game, I get a victory chest. You can also get more victory chests by joining the weekly games to earn you a spot on the leaderboards. 

There is also a tournament that leads to the championships that will reward you with even more victory chests. Open these chests and collect the rewards and then show them off to your friends.

Win More Games

The best way to earn more rewards from Ludo Party is to win more games. This is why practice and experience should be your priority. Playing the game regularly helps you learn from your opponents. 

Find Out How To Get Rewards In Ludo Party
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I would even go as far as playing against hardcore Ludo players. The weekly tournaments are one of the best ways to play against experienced players. 

Observe their strategies and learn from them. Use what you have learned in practice mode and make sure that your moves are flawless. In Ludo Party, when you play more, you win more games.

Join Clubs

I have always wanted to test to see whether I can go head to head against the seasoned players of Ludo. There are thousands of players all over the world that are currently playing the game. There are bound to be a lot of players who have mastered this game. 

One of the best ways to encounter these players is by joining clubs. Players form clubs from all over the world. Some of them are formed by new players to learn from each other. 

Others are created by veterans of the game to challenge each other. Play in arenas and clubs as the game suggests, and you will get to play against highly skilled players. Show them what you got and check out this feature in the game.

More Features Coming Soon

Ludo Party promised some new and exciting features. Features like season passes will give even more rewards for players who keep on playing the game. Events will likely entice players to go for prizes. 

Find Out How To Get Rewards In Ludo Party
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Other game modes such as Master mode are also in the works. A 4-player challenge will surely make the best experience now that you can invite your friends to play with you in a single match. 

This and more are coming your way in upcoming updates so stay tuned.

Download Ludo

Download the game today on your mobile device through the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Search for the title of the game on the platform and tap Install to begin download. Log in through your social media account and invite your friends over to play.


The real excitement of playing Ludo Party is when I play with other players in the game. There is something about having real players that makes the game very unpredictable and highly strategic.