Essential Tips For Playing Overwatch: The Beginner's Guide

Overwatch is an insanely competitive first-person shooter game from Blizzard. It has risen to popularity over the past few years, and I have played it since it was released. The one thing that genuinely hooked me with Overwatch is the characters in the game.


There are so many characters to choose from, and each of them has its unique abilities and role in the game. It can be pretty hard for newbies and beginners to fully comprehend. 

Since there are a lot of meaningful ways to play Overwatch, here are some of the following tips that I want to share when playing Overwatch as a beginner:

  • Different Roles In Overwatch
  • Learn More About Team Composition
  • Killing Is Just An Option
  • Don't Be Toxic
  • Proper Positioning
  • Check Your Teammates First
Essential Tips For Playing Overwatch: The Beginner's Guide
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Different Roles In Overwatch

There are over more than a dozen heroes to choose from in Overwatch, and each of them has a role to play in the game. The three most common archetypes are tanks, damage dealers, and healers. Each of these roles is important to the team's success.

Essential Tips For Playing Overwatch: The Beginner's Guide
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Knowing each role will help you as a team to develop synergy. Synergy and teamwork are one of the best ways to win the game. Understanding the position that you play in Overwatch by choosing the right type of character will boost your team's overall success.

It is also worth noting that knowing different roles in Overwatch will help new players learn the game. I suggest that you play all three main roles in the game. Once you have played all of them, you can decide which role you like to play the most.

Start With The Basics

Every beginner will have to learn the basics of the game. Start by playing some of the simplest characters in the game, like Soldier 76. Mercy and Reinhardt are two of the best heroes to play for Overwatch beginners.

I do not recommend using the complex heroes when you are still new to the game. These basic heroes are often offered to help you understand the role. It will also ultimately help you gain knowledge of the game, the map and plan your strategy.

Learn More About Team Composition

Now that you have learned more about roles and becoming flexible, it is time that you learn more about team composition. Each team will have members with different roles in the game. This is why having the flexibility to play different roles come into play.

Essential Tips For Playing Overwatch: The Beginner's Guide
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Each team will comprise of a tank, several damage dealers, and some healers. This is an effective team that can fight through the enemy. An effective front-to-back team composition where the tank is the front line while the rest is behind is a good strategy.

In most cases, newbies tend to pick their heroes and don't mind team composition. Learn more about what makes the team effective, and you will be rewarded with more wins.

Be Flexible

I notice that most newbies in this game often pick what they think is the most overpowered hero. I do not condone such a tactic to win more games. However, I would also suggest that you try to be more flexible in the game.

In the early stages of the game, most players don't understand the game yet. They often choose whatever hero they want to play. This can often lead to chaotic team fights, and it's a toss coin for many teams.

You have to be flexible if you want to be good at the game. Learning the different roles is essential to becoming a flexible player. Flexible players tend to get more wins as they can play different roles and heroes efficiently.

Killing Is Just An Option

Most first-person shooter games usually let you win by killing all of your enemies. Overwatch is quite different. All of the three main game modes can still be won without having to eliminate someone.

Essential Tips For Playing Overwatch: The Beginner's Guide
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Sure, one can argue that I need to eliminate enemies to give myself time to move the payload or defend my capture point. However, a huge kill-death ratio does not mean victory in the game. 

Overwatch is different since it focuses more on objectives instead of killing people left and right. There are so many strategies that I can utilize in this game, and killing is not at the top of my list.

Get Better Gear

I still think Overwatch can be played with an old computer. But chances are, you might experience some severe disadvantages, especially when playing against newbies who have better gear. Imagine playing with a low FPS, or you don't have any headphones.

You can be the most accurate sniper in the world, but in my opinion, getting better gear will only help you get better in the game. One missed shot can be the end of your entire game, and an FPS drop could cause it.

Don't Be Toxic

I know games can be very competitive in Overwatch. There will be times when you will get overwhelmed with your emotion. It is pretty normal to have bursts of emotions when playing this type of game.

Essential Tips For Playing Overwatch: The Beginner's Guide
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However, what is not normal is for you to be toxic in the game. Spewing hateful words towards both your teammates and opponents will never be acceptable. If you are stressed out, make sure to take a break.

The best way to do this is to blow off some steam by playing fun game modes. There are a lot of other non-competitive game modes that you can play with your friends. You can even take this time to get some rest or do some other things and get back when you are ready.

Stay Focused

Another way to beat toxicity in the game is to stay focused. Identifying win conditions will help you strategize your next move. Focus on helping teammates if you are playing a healer.

Check for objectives and see if you can tell your team to move towards those objectives. I usually try my best to lead the team if I know we have the advantage. This would often result in a victory which leads to a more positive experience in the game.

Proper Positioning

As someone fond of playing FPS games, Overwatch is very different from the rest. You will be spending most of your time running around and changing your positions. This is why finding the right spot or proper positioning is key to winning.

Essential Tips For Playing Overwatch: The Beginner's Guide
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Overwatch is a tactical game where you need to position yourself to get a good aim. When things get intense, you will have to rely on your position to rain fire on your enemies. This way, you get to distract them from your objectives.

Don't Stop Moving And Shooting

I'm going to contradict myself in this following statement. In many FPS games, shooting and moving at the same time is a great practice. You might also want to apply this strategy in Overwatch.

This should be the only strategy that you should be applying in the game since it bears the same advantages—moving while shooting gives you more agility. Also, it doesn't hurt that you will never run out of ammo in this game.

Check Your Teammates First

Beginners make a lot of mistakes, and some of them can be corrected. One of which is going into a fight alone. There are a lot of times that I get hyped up that I go into a battle without knowing where my teammates are.

Essential Tips For Playing Overwatch: The Beginner's Guide
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Never go into a fight without your teammates to back you up. Never start a fight, especially when you are outnumbered. Practice waiting for your friends to be in position first before starting a fight.

Ensure that if you know how to start a fight, you also know how to back away from it. Disengaging from a fight is critical, especially if your team has just blown your ultimate skill and the enemy team is still alive.

Join Different Groups

Lastly, invite your friends over to play with you. Overwatch is so much better to play when you have your friends. The game requires a lot of teamwork and synergy, so why not take advantage of your friendship so you can win more games.

You may also try to find different groups on Discord or in the game to join. State your role in the game, and you should find groups that will let you join. Remember to remain calm and avoid toxicity in the game, and you should be on your way to becoming a good player.


Overwatch has been out for a few years, but new players are still interested in playing the game. You will have to buy the game first before you can download it. 

Nevertheless, learning the basics of the game and enjoying playing the game will always be the best strategy to becoming a good Overwatch player.