Brave Dungeon: Roguelite IDLE RPG Is Out For Pre-Registration

UnlockGame is working on its new mobile game 'Brave Dungeon: Roguelite IDLE RPG,' which is featured with light strategic battle and interesting exploration. The game is currently available for pre-registration on Android devices; seems like the development process is in the last days.


In this game, you collect from over 200 heroes of 4 different classes in 6 different factions, each with specific skills. You form your own team and deploy them strategically to earn rewards and win this game. Also, you can explore the unknown adventures of Roguelite Dungeons and experience the thrilling battles & mysterious stories.

It is full of thrilling real-time Autochess, in which the main key to winning is your strategy, so make your own right choice. This game is full of bonuses as if you get 5-star heroes, then you can claim 29.99 USD worth of bonus in 7-day logins.

It has a real-time social system which allows you to team up with other players to form a Guild and also to take part in Guild Wars. As in Guild, you can grow your own crops and also steal it from other Guild farms.

Get ready for an adventurous and brave journey in this idle RPG. Brave Dungeon is available for pre-registration on Google Play Store.

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