KleptoCorns Game Review

From the creators of KleptoCats and KleptoDogs comes HyperBeard’s new addition to its lineup: KleptoCorns. HyperBeard makes many age-friendly games, and; we can observe a similar theme running through all the games. All their games have a unique art style, which is eye-catchy and very well done. It feels like a game that you would want to play if you saw someone playing it. The game is very clearly targeted for the younger audiences with bright colors and simple game mechanics and objective, but can also be enjoyed by others alike.


In KleptoCorns, you will explore mystical realms while you marvel at the revelations of the galaxy. Secrets are waiting around every pointed CORNer *wink*wink* with hundreds of items and intriguing things to collect!

KleptoCorn is a casual game no as such main objective. Each player will be given their KleptoCorn, which has to be taken care of. You will have to feed it, wash it, play with it, take photos, dress it up, or cuddle it. All these options make the games busy, and you don’t find yourself bored.

This game does share many mechanics and qualities from its other titles, so if you have played any title before this, you will feel under-whelmed. 


I can see why this game will be famous among little ones as the art style is so bright and busy, which is eye-catching. The game gives children a virtual pet to play with and take care of. This creates a sense of responsibility, which is a good quality do develop at an early age.

The in-game minigames are average at best. Their mechanics are bumpy and feels unsatisfactory. The rewards earned after the games are nearly not enough to fulfill your requirements, like buying clothes and other accessories. Many times you'll resort to making in-app purchases just so you can customize your kleptocorns in your way, which is a bummer since this will make the games experience lack creativity and imagination for kids.

The game also lacks a sense of fluidity, and the game can feel choppy at times. This could be due to poor optimization since it is a comparatively new game. But overall, it is very neat. KleptoCorns is available to download on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.