Find Out How To Get Rewards In New Pokémon Snap

Ever wanted to capture all the Pokemon so bad, but you miserably fail at it every time? Chances are, it might not be your calling to catch all the Pokemon in the world, but instead, you are destined to take photos of them for research purposes. 


While you may not have the skills to capture live Pokemon, you can develop the skills in capturing photos of them with the latest Pokemon game called New Pokemon Snap

When it was first announced that this new version of the Pokemon Snap game was about to be released, I immediately gasped at the idea of being able to put my photograph skills to the test. If you want to learn more about the game, here are some of the things that I discuss below:

  • Become A Pokemon Photographer
  • Join Events And Get Rewards
  • Get Better At Taking Photos
  • Use Fluffruit
  • Understand Pokemon Interactions
Find Out How To Get Rewards In New Pokémon Snap
Image Source: Nintendo

Become A Pokemon Photographer

New Pokemon Snap follows the same premise as the original game - Pokemon Snap that was released way back in 1999. The entire storyline follows a group of researchers who are tasked to take photographs of wild Pokemon. 

Find Out How To Get Rewards In New Pokémon Snap
Image Source: Polygon

But this time, in an all-new region called Lental, using on-rail hovercrafts and hi-tech gadgets to ensure that players can capture different photos of new Pokemon found in the region. Developed by Bandai Namco and released for the Nintendo Switch, New Pokemon Snap takes the trend to a whole new level with new features and more Pokemon to take pictures of. 

Players are treated as professional photographers and are tasked to take photos of different Pokemon. Where and how you want to capture those photos depends on you as a player. Players are encouraged to use other techniques and various items to manipulate different Pokemon into taking the picture; they will be rated by Professor Mirror according to their appearance. 

Many players often use the Illumina orb, which causes the Pokemon to glow and have different interactions with various types of Pokemon. Other players also lure Pokemon out using a fruit called fluffruit, amongst other things. If you want to find out more on how you can take good photographs of the Pokemon, check out my guide below.

Downloading New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap is available for purchase and download at the Nintendo Store for the Nintendo Switch. To purchase and download, head over to the official website and log in using your credentials. 

Purchase the game by clicking on Purchase; however, you will have the option to choose whether to purchase the digital version or the physical version of the game.

For digital purchases, make sure you have enough credits on your account to make the purchase official. It will then download the game on your Nintendo Switch after the purchase has been completed.

Join Events And Get Rewards

New players of the game are often treated with many missions and requests. I highly suggest that you try to finish them as often as possible to get the rewards. 

Find Out How To Get Rewards In New Pokémon Snap
Image Source: Attack of the Fanboy

A recent event has been conducted in the game, which featured timed research for players, and they got rewards from the game, and some of these rewards include Pokemon encounters and items such as Razz Berries and Pinaps. 

This won't be the only time that events happen in the game. Make sure that you tune in to updates regularly, so you get to participate in these timed events in the game and earn a good amount of rewards.

Taking Great Photographs

When I was still new to the game, I always asked myself why I could not reach the gold rating for the photographs that I have taken. I have tried every technique I've known, but there is still something missing. To understand better, I took the time to learn more about the game, and here's what I found out about taking great photographs in New Pokemon Snap.

There are about six criteria in judging the photographs. This includes pose, size, direction, placement, background, and other Pokemon. Ratings are given to the photos that can reach as high as four stars.

The pose is factored in by how unique the Pokemon poses are, while the size is all about the space that a Pokemon takes up inside the photo. Direction is where the Pokemon is facing while placement considers the proper placement of the Pokemon within the picture. Lastly, the background must be impressive, and then other Pokemon needs to be considered within the image.

Get Better At Taking Photos

With all these factors combined, I know that it can be very difficult at first to take the best photos of Pokemon, especially when you are still starting. Taking good photos means you get to level up much faster than the rest. 

Find Out How To Get Rewards In New Pokémon Snap
Image Source: Digital Spy

If you want to learn more about the game and be better at taking photos, here are some of the things that I've learned that will help guide you through becoming the best Pokemon photographer. 

The first thing that I did to take fast and good photos is to change the settings in the game, especially with the camera. Increase the Camera and Pointer Speed, so you get to move around faster and capture shots even better. 

Make sure to personalize the speed to your comfort level and then adjust accordingly as you go on.

Level Up Fast

The best way to grind in this game is to submit as many photos as you can. Take those photos as best as possible and then submit them to Professor Mirror even if you don't feel like they are the best. 

Don't worry about having subpar content for now, as you are still learning and finding your techniques. Getting to different levels in the game will help you as it also unlocks different regions, which opens up even more possibilities for you to learn. 

Take photos, submit them, get some points and do it all over again until you reach a new level in the game.

Use Fluffruit

Fluffruit is an excellent item in the game to enable different behavior from Pokemon. This will help you get more unique photos with higher star qualities. Whenever I get close to a Pokemon, I immediately take out my Fluffruit, toss them, and wait for their reaction.

Find Out How To Get Rewards In New Pokémon Snap
Image Source: Games Radar

Sometimes, the fruit induces a very rare behavior from the Pokemon. You should have your camera ready to take the shot the moment that fruit lands near the Pokemon. Don't forget to take different shots and angles so you will have far more content to submit.

Use Illumina Orbs Too

Illumina Orbs aren't as plentiful in the game as Fluffruit, but they are far better at inducing a behavior from the Pokemon. Illumina Orbs cause a slightly visible glowing aura to the Pokemon that comes near it. 

It also causes Crystabloom flowers to react to it and draws certain Pokemon out, especially during nighttime. Many players make the mistake of lobbing Illumina Orbs carelessly. 

Please don't make the same mistake; instead, use them when you know there are rare Pokemon tucked or hidden in an area, especially when there are Crystabloom flowers around you.

Understand Pokemon Interactions

During the first few hours playing the game, I wish I had learned the behavior of each Pokemon and how they interact with one another. Just like real animals, Pokemon tend to have certain behavior when exposed to an external factor. 

Find Out How To Get Rewards In New Pokémon Snap
Image Source: The Verge

The same thing happens when they encounter a different Pokemon, whether they are friendly or rivals. Learning Pokemon interactions is key to how you can take great photos with unique results. 

There will be Pokemon that like to hang around each other while others tend to run away when they spot another. Take the time to know the different interactions, and you will be able to take higher-quality shots for your photos.

Practice A Lot

Much like in real life, taking photos of Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap takes time to master. Put in the effort to take the best picture every time you spot a Pokemon. There is no need for you to take very close shots of the Pokemon to make the result unique nor take the photo from a weird angle.

What's even better is that the game encourages you to take photos of the subject's whole body instead of getting it from awkward angles. Time your shots well, and if you can, take multiple images in an instant and choose which ones are the best.


Just like real-life photography, New Pokemon Snap takes the Pokemon games to a whole new level by making sure you get to become a well-renowned Pokemon photographer and researcher. 

I hope the tips above will help you get excellent and unique shots of new Pokemon for the world to see.