Learn How To Create Powerful Characters In Puzzle Heist

Developed by Hutch Games, Puzzle Heist is a new and unique match-3 puzzle game that allows me to pick a group of skilled individuals and put them in a team. These members each have their own fantastic set of powers that can be activated during combat while solving puzzles. 


Whether you are a fan of puzzle games or role-playing games, Puzzle Heist is a combination of both genres. The game might be the first non-racing title from Hutch Games, but the action and adventure are still palpable. 

Defeat your enemies and assemble the best crew in this puzzle action role-playing game. For those who want to learn more about the game, I have gathered all the information about the game below:

  • Build A Team
  • The Essentials In Playing Puzzle Heist
  • Always Choose High Star Grade Characters
  • Focus On Getting Goals
Learn How To Create Powerful Characters In Puzzle Heist
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Build A Team

Puzzle Heist is an exciting type of mobile game as it fuses puzzle games with RPG games. I need to gather a group of powerful characters in the game and help take down Jericho by using different skills to solve challenging puzzles in each round. 

Learn How To Create Powerful Characters In Puzzle Heist
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I can train my characters to strengthen their abilities as I encounter even more difficult puzzles to solve. With over 100 unique characters to choose from, there will always be a set of allies that I can choose from to create a great team. 

Each character has their unique skill set that synergizes well with other characters in the game. I can test myself against real players through the PvP option, and I can even take their loot.

I can build alliances and forge friendships in this game as I participate in the 30 versus 30 Turf Wars or train together with my friends and upgrade my skills, cars, and even gear.

Downloading The Game

Puzzle Heist is available for download on all mobile devices, including Android and iOS. To download the game on your Android device, go to the Google Play Store and search for the game's title. Tap Install to download and install the game.

For iOS users, launch the App Store and search for the title. Tap Download to begin downloading the game. You might also want to sign up for a payment method if you would like to purchase in-game items when playing the game.

The Essentials In Playing Puzzle Heist

Puzzle Heist remains one of the most complex puzzle games on mobile due to how players will have to build a team of different characters and upgrade them while also maintaining a base. 

Learn How To Create Powerful Characters In Puzzle Heist
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All of these mechanics are greatly helpful for those who want to exceed in the game. However, for those who just started, it cannot be easy to execute. 

When I first started this game, I had no idea how to navigate each battle and pick crew members to put into the team. Here are some of the things that I did that helped me achieve a good amount of success.

Creating The Most Powerful Characters

The way the game is played means that I have to create a team of powerful characters to defeat some of the most challenging levels in the game. There is a lot of strategies involved when solving match-3 puzzles. However, the main reason why I highly recommend that you create a team is because each character has their unique abilities and some limitations.

Every ability should synergize well with your other characters while also making sure that they are not vulnerable when it comes to their weaknesses. Finding the best characters means having to spend more time playing the game. At first, I only get common characters in the game, but they offer a good amount of skills that can help me through the game's early levels.

The real challenge now is when I get to the later levels, where challenges become more complex. This is where I will have to bank on the characters I have gathered into a team to make sure that I win most games.

Always Choose High Star Grade Characters

Each character that I own in the game has a star grade. The higher the grade, the rarer and more powerful they are. When it comes down to picking characters for your team, make sure that you always choose high star grade characters.

Learn How To Create Powerful Characters In Puzzle Heist
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The characters in this game will both have an advantage and a disadvantage. The game features a counter system where one character can significantly impact the game if they can take advantage of their enemy's weaknesses. 

I tend to use characters with an advantage over the enemy as I get to deal double the amount of damage against enemies that are weak against my chosen character. If you don't know your character's strengths and weaknesses, you can check out the diagram at the top left corner of the game to see which character type is strong against a specific type. 

I'm also able to gauge my attacks and set up my team based on this diagram. I highly suggest that you try to study that diagram before you proceed to your next puzzle battle.

Don't Underestimate Your Base

While many players focus their energy on building the best team with powerful characters, the game also features a base-building mechanic that is just as important as creating a team. I also focus on building and upgrading my base camp since it is one of the main sources of income in the game.

Building new structures within your base can be quick during the early stages of the game. However, as you upgrade these infrastructures, it will begin to take a lot of time. Use this time to finish the campaign or forge alliances with other players while waiting for the building upgrade to be completed.

The base camp allows me to gather cash, metal, and the occasional crew member that the game provides me with. Constructing several structures and upgrading them will help you in generating more income for your base and, in the end, get you the resources you need to get those rare and powerful characters in the game.

Focus On Getting Goals

As I go through the higher levels of the game, I noticed that the game progressively becomes more difficult. There will be many activities that need to be done, and sometimes, I would not be able to know which ones I should prioritize in completing. 

Learn How To Create Powerful Characters In Puzzle Heist
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Most of the time, I wouldn't mind the goals set for me in the game, but that is one of my biggest mistakes at first. I'd rather recommend that you finish each goal in the game to get the rewards. 

Goals are missions in the game where you either build something or achieve a task while playing the campaign. Each time I get to complete these goals, I receive rewards such as gems.

Those who want to earn gems in this game should try and complete as many goals as possible. I get to recruit new crew members from the gems that I have earned by completing all the goals being offered to me in the game.

Be Mindful Of Upgrades

While creating a team with powerful crew members is an easy and simple task, it becomes more complex when upgrades are taken into consideration. With so many difficult challenges ahead of me, having to upgrade each crew member will take a lot of time and resources. Selecting which character should be upgraded can be quite difficult as it will affect how the team will work.

The first thing that I usually do when it comes to upgrades is to filter out different characters in the game based on their star grade. Characters with 1 to 3 stars are quite common and are only good in the game's early stages. I tend to avoid upgrading them as it will help save me some resources for the more powerful ones that I get later on.

Characters with four stars are definitely worth the upgrade, so I suggest that you start with those. The best way to upgrade and level them up is by using the character more often in battle. This may mean that you will have to sacrifice other characters not being able to get experience, so you should be careful in choosing which character deserves to be chosen for upgrades.


Each of the tips mentioned above should help you achieve your goals and beat most of the difficult challenges in the game. Learning how to get powerful characters, pick members of the team that synergize well, and upgrade your base for more resources will help increase your chances of getting ahead in the later stages of the game. 

I hope these tips will improve your performance as you encounter more puzzles and challenges in this mobile game.