Move Animals - See How to Get Free Diamonds

Ever wonder what it feels like to teach your pet some tricks? What about teaching forest animals how to fight or simply lie down and roll over? Now you can do so with a mobile game called Move Animals.


Move Animals is a physics-based mobile simulation game where you get to teach animals including dogs, bears, cats, horses, and even dinosaurs different tricks. The goal here is to follow what the animal is required to do and do it flawlessly. Each level presents an animal where you get different points for getting them to do as instructed.

The game might sound very easy at first but there are challenges ahead. In this guide, you'll learn more about what the game is, how to download it, how to play it better, how to get diamonds, and more. Check it out below.

  • Move the Animal to the Proper Position
  • Perform Tasks and Get Diamonds for Free
  • Each Level Is Unique So Be Prepared
  • Look at the Preview for More Instructions
  • Watch Video Ads to Complete Your Story
Move Animals - See How to Get Free Diamonds
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Move the Animal to the Proper Position

Move Animals is a rather simple mobile puzzle game. At each level, you get to have an animal whether it's a dog or a cat in the first few levels. You then get to teach the animal some new tricks.

Move Animals - See How to Get Free Diamonds
Image Source: Google Play Store

These tricks can either be just laying down on the ground or sitting down. Notice that there are certain points of white circles on the animal. These are the moving points that you can use to move the animal into the position that is being instructed.

Carefully move these points to carry out the order of each level. The faster and more accurately you fulfill the instructions, the better your score becomes.

Remember that each animal has its own unique set of instructions so be sure to move fast and get them into the proper position.

How to Download Move Animals

Downloading this game is equally easy as playing it. All you need to do is to launch either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store depending on your mobile device.

Search for the title of the game and tap Install to begin the download process. Wait until the mobile game is fully installed on your phone before tapping Open to launch it.

Remember to only download the game on these two platforms to ensure the safety of your mobile device. Never download this game on any other websites or platforms.

Perform Tasks and Get Diamonds for Free

Completing each level is just one of your many priorities. One of the most crucial aspects of playing Move Animals is to learn how to earn diamonds for free. Diamonds are the in-game currency used to purchase many different features of the game.

Move Animals - See How to Get Free Diamonds
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There are two specific ways to get diamonds and one of them is to purchase them using real money. Those who do not want to spend real money on the game will have to use a different route which is by simply playing the game and performing different tasks.

Upon completion, the game rewards you with diamonds for free although not as many as you can get when you purchase it. It can be very slow but it is a steady way to earn them for free.

Make sure that you also save a lot of diamonds in case you want to purchase some of the expensive items in the game.

Feed Your Pets to Make Them Happy

Part of the main gameplay of Move Animals is to complete the moves within the best possible time. However, there is also additional gameplay that makes it more fun. One of which is by simply feeding your pets to make them happy.

As you play through the many levels of Move Animals, you're introduced to different animals that you can pet. These are introduced in the Story mode which you'll learn later in the guide on how to unlock.

Each pet will ask you to feed them with treats. Each treat will make them happier and will increase your bond with them. Feed them and you will be rewarded with cuddles and zoomies so make sure that you never leave them unattended.

Each Level Is Unique So Be Prepared

Playing Move Animals is rather easy compared to many other puzzle games. All you need to do is to follow what each level requires you to do with each animal.

Move Animals - See How to Get Free Diamonds
Image Source: Google Play Store

Certain levels are easy, especially in the early stages but as soon as you begin to hit the higher levels, things become very random and can sometimes be very difficult.

It is much better that you try to get used to the random difficulty levels as each level is unique. Always be prepared to be surprised and expect fun activities with each animal that you encounter.

Some levels might require you to feed the animal and others want you to help the animal jump and catch an item.

Replay the Level If You Have To

Move Animals is still a puzzle game so there will always be a time when you'll encounter some moves that are difficult to pull off. Each puzzle is unique and it will truly test both your patience and ingenuity to solve them.

It's normal for players to meet these difficult puzzles and when you do, there are certain ways for you to make sure that you still get the points and diamonds that you need. You can always replay the level if you have to.

Tap the replay button at the top of the screen if you feel like you've made a lot of mistakes or you want to perform better. It's a good option for those who want to have the perfect score and get the highest amount of diamonds possible.

Look at the Preview for More Instructions

Whenever you encounter difficult levels, there are certain hints that you can always take advantage of. One of which is by simply relating the instructions to real-life situations.

Move Animals - See How to Get Free Diamonds
Image Source: Malavida

Imagine yourself teaching your dog how to sit or lie on the ground. You can do this in the game as well. For those extra difficult levels, here's one simple trick that can help you.

Look at the preview before you play the game for more instructions. The game offers a subtle way to help you complete the level in the fastest time possible.

It might not be obvious at first but if you keep on using the previews as your guide, you will soon realize that the answers to these difficult puzzles have always been there.

Complete Each Level and Get More Rewards

Rewards are always very gratifying, especially if you've solved a difficult level. Each level offers a lot of rewards especially if you're fast and efficient in solving the puzzles. Diamonds are given as the ultimate rewards but there are also many other rewards waiting in the game.

You should notice that after completing a few levels, the game slowly unlocks certain rewards for you. Complete the levels as fast as possible so you can reach each threshold and unlock these rewards.

These prizes let you unlock more stories and levels. At the end of each path, you'll receive a gift that contains a random reward.

Watch Video Ads to Complete Your Story

Another great aspect of Move Animals is where you get to unlock different stories from the animals that you encounter. Each story is locked behind levels so you'll need to finish them as fast as possible to unlock and play them.

Move Animals - See How to Get Free Diamonds
Image Source: Google Play Store

If you want to get to the story immediately, one good way to unlock them is by watching video ads. Video ads are available at the end of each level. Watch them until the end so it will add up to the overall percentage and unlock the story much faster than the rest of the players.

Once you've unlocked the Story mode, you get the chance to have a pet. Focus on completing the different tasks that will help you bond with your pet. The more tasks you complete, the closer you get to your pet.

You can further unlock more pets when you get to unlock more stories with them.

Think Outside of the Box

Many puzzle games require a certain level of creativity and concentration from their players. Move Animals is no different. Whenever you feel like things can get difficult, try to think outside the box and you'll surely understand why it is very fun to play this game.

You don't need to play the game by the books as there are no rules that you should follow in real-life physics. As long as you get the job done in very inventive ways, you'll still receive all the rewards from completing them.

Go ahead and get creative in solving these puzzles.


Move Animals is a fun puzzle game to play especially if you want to try something new. While most of the gameplay revolves around positioning, it is still a puzzle game based on physics which can bring about some level of difficulty.

Follow the steps and tips mentioned above and you will have a better time playing the game. Download Move Animals today and enjoy!