Legends Of Runeterra By Riot Games Jumped Into E-Sports: Here's How To Participate

The strategic card game of Legends of Runeterra associated with League Of Legends is gaining wide popularity. The game uses strategies to combine various cards with advantages, giving rise to a perfect deck used to defeat the enemy.


Variables are also included in the game associated with events giving a dynamic view to the game. More characters and cards are unlocked as the players progress through the game and gain experience about the winning strategy.

The game has recently been included in the E-sports tournament encouraging the Riot Games Title with a digital card. The competitive seasonal tournament is introduced in the latest video of the Developer, showing the update.

The tournament will start on October 14, 2020. The basis of the players' qualifications to participate in it is by clearing the end-season tournament by gauntlet events or by climbing up the success ladder of the game ranking. Gauntlet events consist of multiple games that the player needs to win.

December 5 is associated with the last Gauntlet Event as the final opportunity of participation, followed by the tournament kickoff on December 6. No information about the prize money and structure of the tournament is available as of now.

Within a time period of one year, Riot Games have upgraded its E-sports mania from one game to four games, thus successfully operating its own competition programs. According to the developers, it is a huge success with regard to the graphics and game design that all it's four games are now recognized as organized multiplayer video games occupying a well-known position between the players professionally.

Regarding the future of the Legends Of Runeterra, an update will be provided by Riot Games at the start of next year with regard to E-sports.

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