CASE: Animatronics - Horror Game Tips & Tricks

Hello mobile gamers, today we have brought to you tips and tricks of CASE: Animatronics - Horror Game which has been developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited, a scary spine chilling challenging game, where you can use these and survive the night. Here are the 5 interesting Tips & Tricks which will help you to escape from the Animatronics. So let's go -


Check The Room Before Entering

It is possible that Owl animatronic could be present in the room. So to avoid the face to face meeting with Owl, check the room through the tablet before entering. As Owl only attack when he is not in direct sight of the player it is advisable to keep your eyes always on him. If you are trapped in the room with Owl, you can hide in the locker this will make it disappear faster.

Avoid Ventilation Rooms To Escape Cat

As the cat come through the vents usually, so avoid the ventilation rooms. Well, it is not completely possible to do this so, you can trace the cat steps with the help of squeaking metal sounds. There are several rooms which don’t have vents like, B2, B3, D2 & others. 

Keep The Doors Closed Behind You

To avoid any kind of detection by animatronics keep the door close to keep their eyes away from you.

Do Not Hide For Long

Your game will end if you try to hide too long to pass the animatronics. Be quick when the animatronics pass, run opposite their direction to get away from their eyes.

Change The Time Zone To Get Instant Extra Life

Yes, you can cheat here a bit. As in a game you get limited lives which decreased when hit by animatronics and take hours to come back. So, to gain it faster you can change your cell phone timing to 3-4 hours ahead to get back the full lifeline.

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