Legends Of Runeterra: All You Need To Know About The Slaughter Docks - The Second Landmark

Legends of Runeterra is set in the world of League of Legends and is a card game that offers various strategies by combining several cards to make a deck. Each card has it’s own power and advantage, and thus a perfect deck is to be made cleverly. The players choose a character from 24 champion cards, and they keep leveling up as the players progress.


The game is all about defeating enemies through the cards and exploring various regions of Runeterra. Defeating an enemy, Nexus, requires an entire team, and the players thus would be able to pick Allies and lead them. 

Every week a chest can be unlocked from the vault, which rewards a wild card or any other card. Growing of the card collection increases the number of permutations and combinations, thus increasing the number of perfect decks to be used as an advantage. The Reveal Season – Monuments Of Power is officially underway.

It is named The Reveal Season because various landmarks are revealed in the game, thus adding variables. Riot has revealed the next landmark; it is The Slaughter Docks from Bilgewater. It was a map that replaced the Howling Abyss in the League of Legends as well for a limited time. 

Going deep into the sea leads to the destruction of the docks and the summoning of the monster. Going to the docks early in the game with less advantage- cards in the deck would not be worth it because defeating the sea monster requires a perfect deck. The players can go deep at the sixth or seventh turn. They can go deep even earlier if they attempt a high roll on their opponent.

The stats of 6/6 of the Deep going strategy with sea monsters is devoid of any potential effects like Terror of the Tides, the Abyssal Eye, etc. because it is a summon effect which does not activate other effects. Considering the relation of the game with League of Legends, it is possible to guess the next release of the Monuments of Power that can be Tahm Kench that would be released soon.

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