Mini Football by Miniclip is out now on Android

Gaming pioneer Miniclip came back into talks last week after releasing yet another Multiplayer game titled Mini Football. Miniclip is famous for its titles 8 Ball Pool and Mini Militia. They have published multiple Soccer games in the past in the form of Soccer Stars and Football Strike. This game is another 1v1 soccer concept from them.


A Casual Experience that retains the authentic feel

Miniclip describes the game as a "casual gameplay experience while still remaining loyal to the original game," and we definitely agree. The game has simple mechanics and is relatively easy to get into. There are a lot of customization options in the game as well. Miniclip has tried their best to make this game as customizable as a casual game could be.

Official Trailer of Mini Football

Mini Football: Salient Features

The game is free to download from the Google Play Store. Aside from addictive gameplay, here are some of the most eye-catching features.

  1. Simple mechanics that aid the gameplay.
  2. Huge customizability options to make the game personalized.
  3. Over 30 unique country kits.
  4. 5 unique stadiums that unlock as you proceed, with more coming in the future.
  5. Worldwide as well as local leaderboards.
  6. Equipment rarity to maintain elongated fun.

First Impressions

The game is an extremely "easy to get into game". You are going to end up playing for hours without realizing it. But it isn't a complete smooth sailing. For a decent while, especially in lower tiers, chances are that you'll be matched to play against bots. Since the game is barely a week old, it is yet to develop a sustaining fanbase. At the same time, the matchmaking has a tendency to pair unevenly matched opponents. People have seen a 100 to 150 point difference between them and their opponent. For a casual game, this can be devastating as players will get frustrated eventually. On the other hand, we can wait and see how Miniclip further develops the game as it grows an audience.

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