Brawl Stars Season 3 'Starr Park' Details: New Brawler 'Colette', New Skins & Much More

With the May 2020 update, Brawl Stars started the season system with 'Tara Bazaar' as the first Season. After that second season 'Summer of Monsters' was introduced in the game that will be available until September 14, 2020. After the Season 2 end, a brand new Season will be released with the Brawl Stars September 2020 update.


Brawl Stars Season 3 Release Date: 

After the end of Brawl Stars Season 2 on September 14, 2020, a brand new Season will make its way on the same day. It means Brawl Stars Season 3 will release on September 14, 2020, itself. Season 3 of Brawl Stars has been named as 'Starr Park'.

Brawl Stars Season 3 New Features:

The Brawl Stars Season 3 is going to be all about a gift shop. It leads us to the new chromatic brawler, Colette.

New Brawler - Colette

Collette is a cashier in the gift shop, and she loves her job because she gets to collect all kinds of Brawler items, and she's close to her favorite things in the world, Brawlers. She's Piper and Spike's biggest fans, and at a certain point, that starts to get a little creepy, almost like a stalker.

Her main attack is really interesting. This is a mechanic Brawl Stars have never done. She deals a percentage of damage, based on her target's health. So, if she's attacking someone like El Primo, she'll do a lot of damage. But if she's attacking someone with a tiny bit of health, she'll do a tiny bit of damage, except for boxes where she'll do a flat rate.

And what's interesting about her super, it's kind of similar to Bull's. She runs across the map, but she returns to the starting point after that. Every brawler she hits on the way gets damaged.

New Skins

In this Gift Shop mini-update, Brawl Stars is getting Giftshop Skins, and the Brawlers will be using gift shop items.

1. Sandy's newest skin will be called 'Sugar Rush Sandy'.
2. EMZ will be 'Super Fan Girl EMZ.'
3. Spike will be getting a mask that changes every time you respawn, i.e., 'Mask Spike 8Bit', 'Mask Spike Colt', 'Mask Spike El Primo'.

Brawl Pass Skins

1. Poco Starr - At the beginning of the pass
2. Trixie Colette - At the end of the pass

Other Skins

1. Lunar Sprout - For the moon festival in India
2. El Atomico - El Primo skin available for star points.

Starr Park Themed Tutorial

Together with this Giftshop environment, Brawl Stars is getting Starr Park themed tutorial. This is to welcome new players to Starr Park.

Turn Off Bots In Friendly Matches

This update also includes some quality of life changes. You can now turn off bots in friendly matches.

Pin Package In Brawl Pass

Brawl Stars is getting a free Pin package in the Brawl Pass.

New Match End Screen

A new match End Screen is coming. It looks great.

Brawl Stars is also getting new maps and also the return of some old classics. That's all for this Season 3 update scheduled to release on September 14, 2020. Brawl Stars will also be getting a moon-related event in October 2020.

At the end of every season, Trophy Reset takes place. To understand the Trophy Reset System, refer to our guide. Also, if you want to know about various modes available in Brawl Stars, Best Brawlers, and their combinations to use, you can refer to our different modes guide.

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