Free Fire Next Elite Pass Season 28 (September 2020) - Items & Rewards

Free Fire Season 27 Elite Pass 'Sushi Menace' made its way to the game on 1st August 2020. It will last for 31 days and comes to an end on 31st August 2020. Like all previous Elite Passes or Fire Passes, it also brought Gun Skins, Backpack Skins, Parachute Skins, Banners, Avatars & much more.


After the end of Season 27 Elite Pass on 31st August, a brand new Elite Pass will make its way to the game. The next Elite Pass will be the Season 28 Elite Pass and will release on the 1st day of September. The new September Elite Pass will also bring new skins and other items.

When Will Free Fire Season 28 Elite Pass Release?

Free Fire new Elite Pass Season 28 will release on 1st September 2020. As you know, both Elite Pass and Fire Pass come simultaneously, so Season 28 Fire Pass (Free Pass) will also be coming on 1st September 2020 itself. Before three days of its release, developers will make it available for pre-order with an exclusive pre-order reward.

What Are The Items/Rewards Of Free Fire Season 28 Elite Pass?

1. Normal Jacket - 0 Badges
2. Parang Skin - 10 Badges - Coming for the first time in Elite Pass
3. Car Skin - 15 Badges

4. Banner - 30 Badges
5. Avatar - 40 Badges
6. Female Bundle - 50 Badges

7. M500 Skin - 80 Badges
8. Backpack - 100 Badges
9. Banner - 115 Badges

10. Avatar - 135 Badges
11. Surfboard - 150 Badges
12. Loot Box - 200 Badges

13. Male Bundle - 225 Badges

What Are The Items/Rewards Of Free Fire Season 28 Fire Pass (Free Pass)?

1. Avatar - 5 Badges
2. Jacket - 40 Badges
3. T-Shirt - 110 Badges

4. Banner - 150 Badges
5. Parachute Skin - 200 Badges

The rewards mentioned above are the main rewards of Free Fire Season 28 Elite Pass & Fire Pass. Apart from these, various small rewards will be coming with the Elite Pass. Also, If you are looking for team members to play with you, become a part of our initiative.

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