Red Stone Plateau, a chess puzzler now on Android

Red Stone Plateau is a new puzzle game that has chess merged into it. The game is developed by Birdpop and is now available to play on Android devices.


In this cool game, players take the role of The Fox Adept, who is a powerful mage and can transform into different chess pieces. You have to save the world from the red stones, who have taken control of the world. Players need to solve the puzzles with brilliant chess moves to save the world.

Red Stone Plateau

The game comprises of 50 levels of gameplay. The aim is to catch up with the red stones in the game of chess. The red stones move ahead of you and you need to take them down with your witty chess moves. The game format is on the chessboard. To spice things up some squares are blocked by stones, so you need to carefully plan your moves.

The red stones are of different chess pieces and you should predict their moves and act accordingly. Also, you can tap on the red stones to check all their next possible moves to plan a better move for your piece.

As the level progresses you'll have two chess pieces to take down more red stones on the board. To be victorious you should be the one last standing so the game never leaves you bored. Red Stone Plateau is available on the Play Store to download. The game is a free to play title to have fun.