Clash Royale June 2019 Balance Update: Complete Details

Hello Clash Royale Players, from the very beginning the developers of Clash Royale has been always performing balance updates to cards in the game to keep the game in a healthy state. And now it's time for the June Balance update. On 3rd June 2019 Clash Royale will get a new balance update, and here in this post you can find all the complete details of June 2019, clash royale update.

Here is the Complete Details of Clash Royale June 2019 Balance Update:

In this time's clash royale balance update, only a few changes will be made. Here are 4 cards to which a slight change will be made in this process.


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1. Elite Barbarians: Damage: +18%, Hit Speed: -13% (1.5sec -> 1.7sec)

Elite Barbarians are one of the most controversial cards in the game – very popular when over-leveled on the ladder but among the lowest win-rate cards in Challenges. They needed a specific use case in competitive games but a clear counter-play option as well.

The goal with this change is to increase their power in specific uses – such as being able to 2-hit a Wizard at equal levels – while increasing their weakness to swarms. They should feel less like a jack-of-all-trades to casual players and more of a specialized counter to backline support Troops.


2. Rascals: Boy Hit Speed: -13% (1.3sec -> 1.5sec)

Rascals are among the most versatile and powerful single-card defenses in the game. They are usually over the acceptable win rate, so we wanted to do a slight nerf. The Boy's main purpose is to tank damage for the Girls, so we are reducing his damage output to make him less of a solo threat if the Girls are defeated.

3. Arrows: Projectile Speed: +37% (800 -> 1100)

The Arrows Spell does solid damage over a wide area but lacks the utility of smaller Spells. This increase in the speed of Arrows makes it more responsive and better for responding to swarms like Minion Horde when attacking.

4. Barbarian Barrel: Damage: -10%

Barbarian Barrel has remained above a fair win-rate even through the recent nerf to Barbarian Hitpoints. We are reducing its Damage to offset the value you get from the Barbarian, and separating it further from The Log.


Also watch this Clash Royale June Balance Change Update video by CLASHwithSHANE for any further clarifications.

So These were all the Balance Changes which will be made in the upcoming update of 3rd June in Clash Royale Game. How happy are you guys with this balance update, do let us know in the comments section below.