Brawl Stars Heist Mode: Best Brawlers Combination, Tips & Tricks

Heist is a 3v3 mode with two teams contesting each other to destroy the valuable vault with health of 45000 posted at the spawn area of each zone. You may emerge victorious by destroying it completely or by inflicting a higher amount of damage when the timer ends. For more details about the mode, click here.


Tips and Tricks 

1) Make use of the entire map- Using all three lanes is usually very benefitting. This helps in flanking the opposition from all sides and dividing their assault. This also stops enemy brawlers from sneaking in.

2) Patience- Do not rush the exact moment when the match begins. Try to pick up the fight in the middle and push forward. Use the choke points to your advantage.

3) Team Assault- A team push is an ideal tactic to use. It would allow you to easily pick enemy brawlers and inflict detrimental damage upon the vault in a single attack phase, which is much more effective than one brawler attacking and dying.

4) Vault Guard- A long-range brawler, can be kept near your vault to defend whenever needed. He can also be used to stop the enemies from moving forward.

5) Saving Supers- Use your Super attack very carefully. You may want to use it to destroy the enemy vault as it leads to an insane amount of damage.

6) Observe enemy Super- Enemy brawlers with their Super attack charged will do a lot of damage to your vault. So, make sure to knock them out on the way or put them in situations where they are bound to use it.

7) Attack enemy Brawlers- Yes, the objective is to destroy the enemy vault. But, in order to effectively do that, your Super attack plays an integral role. Remember to attack enemy brawler to charge your Super, which can deal with a high amount of damage.

8) Destroying Barricades- The vaults are often found protected with walls. Use brawlers such as El Primo, Shelly, Colt, or Bull to open up the vault by destroying the wall protecting it.

Common Team Types

  • Tank-Thrower-Long Range 
  • Tank-Tank-Long Range/Thrower or  
  • Tank-Tank-Tank 
  • Thrower-Thrower-Long Range

The first team combination is one of the most reliable as it performs really well on any given map. But other types have their own maps of glory which does not do fairly well on other maps.

Best Brawler Combinations 

  • Penny-Barley-Spike
  • Bull-Barley-Colt
  • El Primo-Darryl-Bull
  • Dynamike-Crow-Bull
  • Dynamike-Barley-Colt
  • Dynamike-Darryl-Brock
  • Bo-Colt-Shelly

These are the best brawlers combinations and tips & tricks that can easily secure you a win in Heist mode of Brawl Stars. To get to know about other modes of the game, refer to our different modes guide.

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