Sky: One Of The Finest Indie Games In The Market

Indie games are known for their vagueness, aesthetics, and untraditional gaming style, which either captures the gamers' attention and gets them hooked or gamers steer clear away from it entirely. 

These games are generally storyline-based and have a huge plot so that the game does not become repetitive or boring. Indie games, in our opinion, is the future of gaming as more and more people opt for a different and new gaming experience while having the comfort of playing on their mobile phones sitting on their beds.


Overview and Plot

The indie game that caught our eyes a lot was a game called SKY. As the name suggests, it has something to do with clouds and the sky, but it doesn't make you notice it at first. The game starts off with a story, a story of souls being trapped in the mortal world after their death because of some form of regret or emotion which has kept them tethered to this world.

The protagonist is a character who is a priest of light and can fly using the magical cloak that he wears. The main job of the protagonist in this world is to free these souls from their bounds by watching their stories unfold and learning the physical emotion they try to express. The more emotions the protagonist learns, the more he understands about the world he is in and learns about the stuck souls.


The protagonist moves from one place to another, freeing souls and unlocking gates in the sky's temple. It helps the head priests in finding the light through the darkness and light the path ahead for our protagonist and with different maps to unlock, and a variety of characters to interact with the game never gets boring.

In-Game Details

The game is very light and soft-hearted, and there isn't much challenge in the game. The quality of graphics is absolutely top-notch. They capture the eyes every step of the way, and a lot of importance is given to in-game sounds and noises as well. The combination of these two provides a complete cinematic experience, which makes it one of the best in the app and play store.

Some of the in-game details include interacting with different players in real-time and making them your friends by offering a candle to bring color and light and warmth into their lives. It does not stop there; you can also progress the friendship, level up, and strengthen your resolve towards helping these spirits stuck in the world.


All these things, a good storyline combined with great graphics and sound, give an all-around experience that is fun to play and watch and is also very therapeutic and calming to the senses. This game has great reviews as well, and very little complaints as the main character can also be controlled easily without any problems. We urge you to download and play this game and let us know in the comments below how you liked it and your experience while playing it.

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