The Powerpuff Girls Smash Pre-Registrations Started By SundayToz In Asia

SundayToz has started taking pre-registrations of its Match-2 mobile game 'The Powerpuff Girls Smash' on mobile devices in the Asia Region. The game is based on the famous Cartoon Network's American animated series 'The Powerpuff Girls' and brings original characters and stories to the game.


Pre-registrations of the game are live on the local App Stores until 3rd August 2020, which means The Powerpuff Girls Smash game will release on the same day in Asia. 

As mentioned, 'The Powerpuff Girls Smash' is a Match-2 puzzle game that features Cartoon Network's world-famous franchise. Players get the option to play as one of the super-cute/super-fierce crime-fighting trios - 'Blossom,' 'Bubbles,' or 'Buttercup' and use super power-ups in missions that are based on the original animation.

Players can square up to villains and save the world before bedtime in this unique game that features the traditional Match-2 puzzle format with awesome superhero from the world of 'the Powerpuff Girls.'

The lead producer of the game, Shinhyun Kim says "Gamers and fans of 'The Powerpuff Girls' will love 'The Powerpuff Girls Smash,' which will be released in August after the pre-registration." "There are so many fun things and events prepared for users to look forward to."

All players pre-register for the game on the local App Store will be rewarded with Rubies and various playable items once the game is officially released. The game is the result of a partnership between WarnerMedia's Cartoon Network and SundayToz.

The Powerpuff Girls Smash is available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.