Free Fire Dual Wheel Event Details: How To Win Tea Time Emote & Bloody Skull Backpack

Free Fire has got a new event called 'Dual Wheel' that is live between 7th to 13th July 2020. As the name itself suggest, in Free Fire Dual Wheel Event, you get to spin two wheels and get prizes out of that. Grand prizes in Dual Wheel event include 'Tea Time Emote' and ''Bloody Skull Backpack.'


To get rewards in the event, you have to make spins and get rewards from two prize pools. There are a total of 9 prizes; the first prize pool includes six rewards, while the second prize pool includes three rewards. You can make either Normal Spin by spending 25 diamonds or Premium Spin by spending 50 diamonds.

First Prize Pool Items:

  1. Universal Fragment
  2. Demolitionist Gun Box
  3. Pet Food
  4. Rampage II: Uprising Badge
  5. Bounty Token
  6. Bloody Skull Backpack

Second Prize Pool Items:

  1. Weapon Royale Voucher
  2. Diamond Royale Voucher
  3. Tea Time Emote

If you choose to make a Normal Spin at the cost of 25 diamonds, you can get rewards from both prize pools. But if you make Premium Spin at the cost of 50 diamonds, you get rewards from the second prize pool (inner prize pool) only. Normal Spins are for more to guaranteed Backpack, whereas Premium Spins are for more to Emote.

After 9 Normal Spins, you are guaranteed to win Bloody Skull Backpack, and after 18 Normal Spins, you are guaranteed to win Tea Time Emote. If you choose Premium Spins, you are guaranteed to win Tea Time Emote after nine spins. It can be seen; whether you choose Normal Spins or Premium Spin, you get Tea Time Emote within 450 diamonds.

We recommend you go for Normal Spins only because it includes both prize pools, which means you can also win Bloody Skull Backpack. Whereas in Premium Spins, you only stand a chance to get Tea Time Emote. Deep inside, the amount of diamonds for the guaranteed win is the same.

As there is no limit on getting duplicates of items from the prize pool, so if you get any duplicate item, that will be converted into FF Tokens. All items you get in the event will directly be credited to your Vault. Claim your Emote and Backpack before the event ends on 13th July 2020.

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