Undaunted: The First Heresy - New rogue-lite game inspired by Doom and Heretic

Undaunted: The First Hersey is a new rogue-lite fast-paced first-person shooter published by Crescent Moon Games and developed by Trimatra Interactive. Taking heavy inspiration from Doom, Hexen, and Heretic, based in the mythological fantasy underworld with procedurally generated levels to explore every time you die. The game is set as a prologue to their full-game title that they wish to release after this. The Devs hope ‘Undaunted: The First Hersey’ will serve as an introduction to the Undaunted Universe they hope to create.


This game is touted to have the same mechanics as their full-game, but due to the restrictions of the on-going pandemic, they have chosen this route instead.

Undaunted: The First Heresy is set in the ancient Greek world of Gods and Monsters, where you play as Theseus, the hero who slew the Minotaur on Earth. After being resurrected in the afterlife, you must face the hellscape all over again. King Minos, renowned in the afterlife as the Judge of the Dead, has trapped you in his Labyrinth for the act of killing his son, Tartarus – the Minotaur. Explore and discover secrets, escape the great Labyrinth.


The gameplay features the traditional manner of any first-person shooter from the retro era – Run, gun, and survive. The combat will see you cast spells and using an array of powerful staffs. You will begin with basic gear, and you must scavenge for better items to earn mana and gold. You can use the gold to purchase consumables or improve your weaponry. The hub-based system is where you will be able to unlock perks, upgrades, and skills to improve your chances of survival and ultimately make your escape. Choose from nine varied forbidden weapons - ranged and melee from the Underworld realms to wield.

The smart procedural generation of levels will ensure a unique experience every time you return to uncover the dungeon's secrets – each level generated from a well-tuned model. Each time you die, you will be returned to the hub, whilst losing all your weapons and some of your gold to the Ferryman of Souls: Charon. Additionally, it will also come with a survival mode where you will face an endless horde of spawning enemies in waves.

The game is scheduled for release before November 2020 for Steam, and the mobile version is scheduled to come afterward. For more details, you can follow them on their blog

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