Payday: Crime War To Re-Launch In 2020?

Payday: Crime War was released in August 2019 in the US as a limited beta version. The game had had to shut down on December 16, 2019, due to various reasons. Let's analyze why the game was shut down. The game, though removed from PlayStore and AppStore, continues to thrive in some websites. But it is highly advisable not to download since they might be harmful and malicious.

Payday:Crime War is similar to the popular PC game version of the same name. It is an online PvP game, where you can choose a team/be part of a team and act accordingly. You can either represent the gang of bank robbers or gang of the police officials. It is a first person shooter game where there are four members per team waiting to complete their respective tasks.


Imagine all of these happening on a mobile phone. Overkill studios and the developers from studio Cmune were almost ready to make this a global venture. But unfortunately, things haven't been going well between them and the publishers.

The soft launch did not go as well as expected. The controls weren't optimized and the matchmaking process had issues. Even though the players liked the game, the publishers weren't keen on spending money to fix these errors. NBCUniversal, the publishers of the game, had to back out because of the high budget. Moreover, the communication between the developers and the publishers didn't go well.

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However, there is still hope for Payday fans. The game can still be launched if they find a publisher as soon as possible. Various sources have already said that developers have already struck deal with new publishers and are currently working on the game. Some sources are in the notion that the game might release by December 2020. Hope the wait pays off.

Update: The official Facebook fan page of Payday: Crime War has also been re-activated recently, which further indicated that the developers are preparing for the launch of the game.