Top 5 Free Sci-Fi Games On Mobile

It’s easy to get bored with shooting games, simulation games, and everything that comes in the middle. Sometimes you’re just looking for that newness where there is not even a speck of normalcy. Sci-Fi games provide a new world, new perspective, and new characters to play with and use as an escape from everything.


Green The Planet 2

Much like the first game of this universe, Green The Planet 2 is an adventurous game about spreading the ‘Green Style’ all over the planet. You make one planet green after the other as you travel through the universe and make them all comfortable places to live. This game has a beautiful 2D art-style, which makes it captivating and relaxing at the same time.

Overall, it is a very adorable and simple game because anyone can pick it up and play in their spare time. Green The Planet 2 is available to download on the Google Play and iOS App Store.

N.O.V.A Legacy

N.O.V.A. Legacy is developed by Gameloft and brings the best sci-fi FPS experience based on the first episode of N.O.V.A. Kal Wardin; a veteran N.O.V.A marine summoned to strike against the enemies of the Colonial Administration forces. In addition to this, he’s helped by his AI Agent Yelena while he protects humanity against alien invaders.

The game has super-charged multiplayer arenas like Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch with engaging combat and a huge arsenal of weapons. Craft and upgrade these weapons by collecting cards.

This game allows us to have a console-like feel in a mobile game. This is helped by modes like the offline story mode, Shadow Missions, and Special Ops. N.O.V.A Legacy is available to download on the Google Play and iOS App Store.

Infinity Ops

Created by Azur Interactive Games, Infinity Ops might be the next multiplayer FPS in a Sci-Fi setting that you’re looking for. The game takes place in a distant future where humanity has surpassed all limits of technological advancements and has broken into chaos. You get to play classes like Recruit, Saboteur, Tank, and Assault – all totally unique and with their own specific abilities and features.

You can create your own clans and invite friends to spend in-game time together. A wide variety of weapons are available from assault rifles to energy weapons. You can toggle gravity, allowing you to jump higher and move faster. There are even jetpacks in this game.

With excellent and detailed character design and map modeling, this game is even optimized for weaker devices. Not to mention, it has easy controls and many game modes to keep you engaged. Some of them are Deathmatch, TDM, Hardcore, and custom lobbies. Infinity Ops is available to download on the Google Play and iOS App Store.

Galaxy on Fire 2

Galaxy on Fire is an open-world space combat game with cutting-edge graphics and an impressive depth of gameplay. Take the role of the hot-headed space war veteran Keith T Maxwell and save the galaxy from impending doom. Kill aliens, keep away ruthless space pirates and fight power-crazy madmen.

The game has a 10+ hour campaign with the extensive story add-ons Valkyrie and Supernova. Being a vast game, you have 30+ star systems and 10+ planets and space stations. Many fully customizable ships and different weapons. Galaxy on Fire 2 is available to download on the Google Play and iOS App Store.

Galaxy Commando

Developed by Valkyrie Games, Galaxy Commando is a simplistic game with realistic battles. Build your military base in space and manage a mighty space fleet. Capture planes, plunder resources and follow your ambition. You can forge alliances or join another because coordination is everything.

The game offers multiple game modes like PvP, Throne Wars, Space Boss Battles, and Alien Invasions. Galaxy Commando is available to download on Google Play.

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