Free Fire: Best Pet Combination

Apart from the character system, Free Fire also offers a pet system that makes it different from all other battle royale games available. Free Fire offers special abilities for both characters and pets, which makes having a pet by your side really helpful. Bringing the right pet when you jump out of the plane can make a difference when you least expect it.


In this post, we will share the best pet combination in Free Fire, whether you are playing Solo, Duo, or Squad.

Solo Matches

In Solo matches, generally at a time, you have to fight with a single player only. In this situation, the one who can bear more damage wins the fight. It's great if you have a character who can bear mare damage but talking about Pet, I would recommend you to use Poring Pet.

Poring pet of Free Fire looks like a living blob. Poring pet comes with a special ability called 'Stitch and Patch.' Its special ability increases armor and helmet ability by 1 in every three seconds. It also prevents up to level 1 armor and helmet from being destroyed.

At the maximum level 5, it is capable of increasing the durability of armor and helmet by 1 in every 2 seconds and also prevents level 2 armor and helmet from being destroyed. So as mentioned, it recovers armor and helmet and also prevents them from being destroyed.

If you shoot 5-6 bullets at your enemy, you will easily destroy his armor, whereas if you have the Poring pet, you get the protection of armor forever based on the pet's level. So choosing Poring Pet as a partner in the Solo matches is the best choice as you will be able to bear more damage.

Duo Matches

If you like to make hot drops, I recommend you choose Falco pet and Poring pet as the pet combination of your team. Falco is the newest edition to the Free Fire Pets family and is the only bird pet available in the game. The special ability of the Free Fire Falco pet is called 'Skyline Spree.'

Falco's special ability increases gliding speed upon skydiving and increases diving speed after the parachute opens. So Falco can make you drop faster than others, and you can pick weapons before them for giving them a surprise headshot, and as mentioned above Poring pet helps you in taking more damage.

But if you play normal of defensive gameplay, then go for Robo Pet and Poring Pet. Robo pet in Free Fire looks like a robot with cat ears. It comes to Free Fire with a special ability called 'Wall Enforcement.' Its special ability gives an additional shield to the gloo wall with 60HP and at the maximum level 80HP.

If you are taking cover of Gloo Wall, which generally you have to do in every situation, the Robo pet can give you more protection by enhancing the Gloo Wall. It also gives you more time to stay in a cover, which means more time for a strategic move.

Squad Matches

In Free Fire Squad Matches, I recommend you choose Falco, Poring, Robo, and Panda pet. Because Falco can make you land before all other teams, and Poring pet helps you in bearing more damage while protecting your helmet and armor from getting destroyed.

While taking covers behind Gloo Walls, Robo pet assures extra protection by giving and additional shield to the gloo wall. Whereas, Panda pet in Free Fire comes with a special ability called 'Panda's Blessings.' Panda's special ability can restore 4HP on every kill and at the maximum level 7HP on every kill.

As in Squad matches, you have to face many players at a time, so HP plays a vital role. In this situation, Panda can help you by increasing HP after every kill that makes you ready for the sudden next fight.

As you must know, Free Fire characters also come with special abilities; using them can turn the tide of battle. To learn about the characters’ skills, go through our Free Fire Characters Guide.

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