Street Fighter Mobile Game Details To Be Revealed This Week

Last year we informed you that Tencent is working on a Street Fighter Mobile game titled 'Street Fighter Duel.' We further informed you guys that it would not be an actual fighting gamer. Instead, it will be like an RPG featuring gacha mechanics. Though we did not know about the release date of Street Fighter Duel at that time, we predicted that it would be launching on Android and iOS sometime in 2020. And it looks like that as always our prediction is just about to go come true.


According to the latest news, Street Fighter Mobile game will be showcased and announced during the Tencent's upcoming gaming conference on 27 June. It is expected that the company will release the gameplay trailer, media and reveal the exact date of release for the game. It has been officially confirmed that the game will release for China, but will it also be available in other countries? The question remains unanswered.

About Street Fighter Duel:

Street Fighter Duel is an upcoming 3v3 mobile game licensed by Capcom and published by Tencent Games. The game follows traditional 2D fighting game mechanics and also features card collecting mechanics. Talking of gameplay, it seems to be centered around pitting teams of three fighters against similar teams or against enormous boss enemies.

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