Call of Duty: Mobile HBRa3 Weapon Guide

HBRa3 is one of the most popular weapons in the game right now. Some people love the gun and live by it but others think it is way too overhyped and can be outgunned by other ARs in the game. Some even think it's a trash weapon and not worth playing with. Overall, most of us can agree that this gun has it in itself to be meta if used right.



This gun performs best in close to mid-range maps. It fact, you can use this gun to absolutely laser through people in close-ranged gunfights. It is one of the fastest close-range killing ARs in the game, and since the current meta of the game is SMGs that kill close range this gun caters to a lot of people. This is not the sort of gun you want to use in Crossfire or Meltdown. Sure, it's not unusable in those maps, but avoid long-ranged 1v1s at all costs - many other ARs will outgun you.

The one good thing when taking those long-ranged gunfights with this gun is that it has very low recoil. So if you have good aim you can practice taking those fights. The maps this gun shreds in are - Nuketown, Rust, Cage, Standoff, Crash, Summit, Hijacked, and Firing Range.

HBR is definitely meant more for the aggressive play-style - especially since it also has a speed boost at the start. If you want to learn how to move quicker in matches we have a post explaining that, too. But essentially, it will depend on how you use to gun to fully experience how good it is.


Though attachments are purely based on your play-style, here is a list of attachments you can choose from for this gun.

  1. Quickdraw - It's best to have Quickdraw equipped on every weapon because it increases the ADS speed of the gun, hence let's you shoot at an enemy much faster.
  2. Extender or Fast Reload Mag - This is more preferencial. The base weapon has a mag of 30 bullets, and with an extended mag it goes upto 38 like most ARs. The reload speed of the weapon itself is pretty average being not too fast or too slow.
  3. FMJ - FMJ lets you shoot through walls better. This doesn't mean you can shoot through every wall, of course. But if you don't find yourself shooting through walls very often, this can be skipped.
  4. Stock - If you don't equip the Lightweight Perk, which is recommended when you play with ARs, LMGs or Snipers or even in general, you can opt for stock. Though you already have a speed boost perk in the weapon you will notice that you move pretty slow with the weapon. But even then, it's doesn't make too much of a difference so it's again preference.
  5. Laser Sight - If you are not a person who uses hip-fire a lot, don't equip this. Laser Sight only makes hip-fire more stable.

The foregrip is not mentioned in this list simply because it has no effect on the gun. The gun's recoil pattern remains the same even after putting a grip on it, so don't waste the attachment slot with it.

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