Tips and Tricks to Win in Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale

With the new exciting rewards for Ranked Battle Royale, everyone is grinding BR in Call of Duty: Mobile. With the new additions to the game like many new map places and the brand new tank, it's much more enjoyable to play. But what are some best ways to increase the chances of you winning? Let's find out.



Nowadays, the best classes to play as a Squad are Scout, Trickster, Mechanic, and Medic. Now Airborne is starting to be seen as one of them, though not as much used. Despite the recent nerf, Mechanic is still one of the top 5 classes simply for the reasons that it detects nearby enemies and also shows vehicles upto 80m. All of the first-mentioned four classes can be used during the solo mode, too. Airborne is more for a whole squad to glide while watching out for enemies or make a quick getaway. Make sure you pick a class that's best suited to your play-style. This can mean some initial experimenting with each class.


It's always best to drop in high-tier loot locations (golden boxes on the map) but aim for the farthest one you can find to avoid hot drop locations. If you're playing solo, it's best to land near a cluster of small houses to get enough loot and slowly move to different areas. Regardless, you should aim to drop where there aren't going to be many enemies because the people who drop in hot spots are going to be extremely skilled players who will wipe you off as soon as you land.


Every gun you pick up will initially have a very short mag clip. This can only be fixed by an extended mag, but even the blue or green ones you find only take it up a little bit. The best mags to aim for are the purple and the golden ones. If you're using an AK117, it will start at 20 bullets but if you get a purple mag it will be at 40 and 50 on a golden mag. Airdrop is the easiest way to get high-tier attachments.


Aim for the first airdrop, it's guaranteed no one will go after it because mostly everyone is busy looting. This is the best way to get your hands on legendary equipment which gives you a lot of advantages and makes it easy for you to gain up on enemies. If you see the airdrop flight but don't want to risk the idea of someone else taking it before you - shoot down the airdrop flight with the FHJ. This brings us to our next point which is always have the FHJ on you. It takes two shots to take down the flight. Whether it is taking down enemy choppers, the tank, or any vehicle, FHJ is extremely important.


It's no big news that AK117 has been the go-to and the most favored weapon of all in CODM Battle Royale. The gun has virtually almost no recoil and takes ranged gunfights really well. With a scope that fits your preference and the right types of equipment, this gun is the best gun in the game.


The directional audio in the game is not the best and can't be trusted at all times. Even while listening to footsteps it's good to know that there is someone around you, but you can hardly follow the footsteps properly - you will notice that it leads you to the opposite direction of where your enemy is.


Except for when reviving a teammate, this game lets you move all the time. Don't stand still for anything - healing, aiming, and even while firing. Movement is just as important in BR as it is in MP. Slide, jump, prone, and strafe as much as you can. It will only improve your chances of winning a gunfight or a 1v1. While you're looting in open ground, just walk in a small circle over the loot so that you're a hard target to hit from any angle.


Your priority should be not dying in every gunfight. Be vigilant and pay equal attention to both your health and your teammates'. If you have time to take cover and heal while your teammates take the fights, do it. That way you come back with full health whereas the enemy will already be weakened. If it's not possible and the gunfight is too crowded, do not try to revive a teammate until all the opponents have been killed. Some of them hide and wait for you to revive, in those cases throw two quick smoke grenades on your teammate and quickly revive and heal while in the smoke.


The more assured way to win a game is to get the tank. To get the tank, you should have a chopper ready with you to take you to where the tank landed. If you can't get to the tank and someone else already has it, try your best to get behind the tank and make sure you have cover before you fire your missiles at the tank. It takes the most damage from behind (4 shots with FHJ) and while you do that your teammates should also be firing. If the players get scared and hop out, someone should be ready to kill them.

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