Everything About PUBG Mobile Apocalypse Survival Event

Hello survivors, as you might be aware of the PUBG Mobile Apocalypse Survival Event as it has already been started on 27th November 2019 and will last till 7th December 2019. In this event, you have to survive and complete the event missions and challenges.


The PUBG Mobile Apocalypse Survival Event has brought the Vehicle Expert 'Sara' and the following rewards:

  • Sara Crate
  • Character Shards
  • Character Vouchers

You can check out detailed information about Sara in our previous article. You have two options to collect Sara in PUBG Mobile, first by spending 600UC, and if you don't have sufficient UC or don't want to spend them, then you can collect the 600 Character Vouchers to claim Sara.

By taking part in the Sara Event, you could have collected a total of 60 Character Vouchers, and by taking part in the current event, you can collect a total of 50 Character Vouchers. Each Character Voucher is equal to 1UC.


How To Participate In PUBG Mobile Apocalypse Survival Event:

There are a lot of things which you can miss by not taking part in this event, so it too much important to participate in this event. Like the trend of new characters is prevailing in PUBG mobile and also there are special crates by using them you can upgrade your characters.

To participate in PUBG Mobile Apocalypse Survival Event, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the 'Event Section' in the lobby;
  2. Go to the 'Themed Event' tab and look for 'Apocalypse Survival: Traveling Event';
  3. Open this event and Read All Missions and complete them;
  4. By completing the missions, you will earn 'Rusty Nuts';
  5. Now Exchange the Rusty Nuts in the Apocalypse Survival Event Section;
  6. There are certain rules which you need to follow.

Rules of the Apocalypse Survival Event

  • Login Daily to earn Rusty Nuts and complete the Missions;
  • Limits on the rewards are as follows:
    - Sara Crates - Maximum 10 (8 Nuts per crate)
    - Character Vouchers - Maximum 50 (2 Nuts per voucher)
    - Character Shards - Maximum 50 (3 Nuts per shard)

So by collecting more and more vouchers in the events of PUBG Mobile, you can unlock the new character 'Sara' with 600 Character Vouchers.


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