All The Free Character Skins You Can Unlock in S7 Call of Duty: Mobile

CODM has released a bunch of new things in the new season, and character skins have been riding the same wave. There are many ways to get these character skins and it's also important to remember that two of these skins are pulled from crates so getting these can be difficult and not guaranteed.


Special Ops 3 - Arctic

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This skin can be pulled from the credit store for 3000 credits. No one really cares about this skin much but for the price and for people who don't buy the battle pass, this is a simple way to get a new and refreshing skin.

Outrider - Arctic

If you're one of those people who don't have this skin and don't know how to get it, it's pretty simple. You just have to create an Activision account. So if you're playing through your Facebook account, just log out and create an account through CODM and you will have this character skin as well as the PDW Zombie Gene gun skin in your mailbox. [Step by step guide to get Outrider - Arctic for free]

Battery - Skulls and Blood

Perhaps one of the main attractions of the Season 5 Ranked, this skin can be achieved by grinding Ranked Battle Royal and reaching Master II. Players all around agree that grinding BR is much easier than grinding MP, so it won't be too much work to unlock this amazing new free skin.

Ruin - Tangled Web

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Ruin has been a recurring character skin in the game, but this particular skin has been liked by most of the players. You can get this skin through finishing the seasonal challenge called 'Dine and Dash'.

Tip: If you are struggling to finish the last task of this seasonal challenge which is to kill two enemies with vehicles in BR you can summon zombies with your Clown class and hit them with your vehicles until they die. This counts.

Lev Kravchenko - Tin Stitched

This skin is another seasonal challenge reward skin called 'Highlight Reel'. This is one of the simpler challenges to finish and you get a pretty cool skin at the end of it.


Vanguard was introduced through the daily login rewards and is the most hyped character skin in this season. All you have to do is sign in every day and collect your daily rewards and on the 24th day, you will be able to unlock this character skin.

Nomad - Druid

If you wanted this skin but weren't able to avail it through the last season's challenges, it is still in the game. All you need to do is be offline from your main account for 14 days and when you log back in you will get a set of challenges that will allow you to have rewards like this character skin as well as M4 - Jade and AK117 - Jade.

Outrider - Going Dark & Elite PMC - Going Dark

These two characters can only be pulled from the Going Dark crate. But mind you, it is possible to get these skins from those crates. You get free crates for clearing each level on Ranked both BR and MP. You can stack these up and open them together and there is a high chance you get at least one of these skins.

Phantom - Championship 2020

This skin is perhaps the best free character skin we have gotten in a very long time. It's extremely easy to avail this skin. All you need to do is play 30 ranked matches with your whole team and that's it. You don't need to qualify or win the championship. This is a participation reward.

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